When evening comes, I begin to look forward to going to sleep in my wonderful sleep number bed and going on my wonderful nightly dream journeys. I look forward to programming my dreams every night. I begin to ponder what I want to program my dreams for about an hour or two before I go to bed. This is when I write out exactly what I want to program my dreams for. When I get into bed, I close my eyes, and I pray to my dream guides. Saturday night 3/23,  I programmed my dreams with God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel.   I asked them to continue to work with me  in my dreams in working with me to close the door to the negative influences of my past, and then to please open the door to the life I strongly desire to have through my dreams and out in the world in my waking life where I am in the perfect permanent healthy relationship with the man of my dreams and where I am living a prosperous, abundance and successful life of of my dreams. I woke up remembering the following dream:

I am at my mother’s house, and she gives me a very uncomfortable bed to sleep in. I am having trouble getting comfortable in the bed, so she suddenly puts a tiny clear pill in my mouth, which I assumed was a sleeping pill. I swallowed it, but i wondered what the pill would do to me. I felt that it would make me drowsy, and it did. I then decided that I had enough of feeling uncomfortable in the bed. I left, and I went to Paradise Lakes (a clothing optional resort), and they gave me a bed. Suddenly, this guy comes to the door. The door is like a window, and he sees me. He gets upset, because he feels that I did him an injustice. He is sent away, but he comes back with a group of people. They let him in, and I get scared that I won’t be able to feel safe enough to sleep with him there.

Next thing I know, I am getting my nails done with designs on them. It is in a computer store.  I leave only to discover that he did not design my nails with enough pink in it.  There was yellow in the designing of my nails, which I loved, but not enough pink. I call him asking if I can come back, so he can redesign them to add more pink to the. He is hesitant until I tell him I will give him more money. He says OK. I then go visit my mother, and I am searching for her. I run into these two women, and I ask where she is. They point me to a small cubicle, and there she is sitting.


A lot of my issues from childhood have to do with adopting my mother’s negative beliefs about men. I believe the pill she gave me was some kind of healing pill to help me calm down, relax and sleep (like a chill pill).  I went to Paradise Lakes, and an angry man shows up.  I felt unsafe to sleep there, and that has to do with the fact that I have never been able to fall asleep with a man in my bed. It took me two weeks to be able to feel safe enough to fall asleep with my ex husband.  With my ex husband, I was afraid that he would stab me in my sleep, which was something totally unfounded. He was a gentle man. NOW, as I am writing this, I finally understand why it has always been difficult to fall asleep with a man in my bed. I feel as a child growing up it was instilled in me that all men would leave me, so I have to stay awake to make sure they don’t leave me, and that is my fear of being vulnerable (represented by my fear of being stabbed when I first got married to my ex husband). My biological father disappeared when I was very young never to be found again, which left my mother understandable bitter. This is represented by me not feeling safe with the angry man in my dream. My mother did remarry, and he adopted my brother and me.

The nail polish represents me attempting to redesign my life and make some very positive changes in myself; however, I am not pleased with the fact that there is not enough pink in the nail design. Yellow is positive and healing for me as well. I have always loved pink and yellow together.  More money needs to be spent in order for me to be pleased with the changes inside me. Adding more pink is like adding more love in my life, since a man put the nail polish designs on my nails. Afterwards, I visited my mother in her tiny cubicle, and I showed her my nails. I believe the tiny cubicle is her coffin (RIP). She is there in spirit, and I am showing her my nails. There is healing going on between us beyond the grave.

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