As I have stated in previous blog posts, I have been reading Robert Moss’s book “Dreaming The Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming For Healing And Becoming Whole”.  The focus of my dreams last night, was soul retrieval. Because I feel a strong connection with the mermaids and the dolphins of the sea, I programmed them into my dreams last night  I asked them to work with me in my dreams to do some soul retrieval regarding my mother who I feel stole from me the peacefulness, joy and innocense of my childhood. Due to her own inner beliefs of lack, I grew up feeling unworthy of  great love and great wealth. Those feelings of unworthiness even in my 60’s are still attached to my soul. I also asked the mermaids and the dolphins to continue their work on me from the night before in showing me the keys to open the right doors to love and prosperity.

In my dreams, I have allowed some of my friends and the people in the community where I live to use my home for some functions and get togethers. I soon discover, however, that I am not invited to them even though they are in my home. At one point, one of my friends tells me that they are having a seance in my home. She tells me that I cannot come to the seance, because it is only for her golf club. She also says that she will invite me to the next one.  I felt pretty left out and abandoned emotionally by them. My mother and my father  were invited to one of their functions, but not me. My mother was showing them pictures of the family.  I finally asked the main person who was putting the parties together not to wear shoes in my home. She was pretty upset, and she said it would make it more difficult for her.


In my dream interpretation, the very fact that my mother was in my dream and that there was a seance involved in my own home shows me that there was some form of soul retrieval going on in my dreams. It was going on in my home, which represents my emotional state and the feelings of  lack and emotionally abandonment by my mother. Not only was my soul being healed, but my home that represents my emotional state was being healed.  I was not invited, and that could have been that my presence might have interfered with the seance going on in my home.  Asking the woman not to wear shoes was like asking her not to wear protection. In real life, because I have wall to wall pink carpet, noone is allowed to wear shoes in my home. The seance was being attended by a golf club, because they felt that those who play golf could succeed in the seance by getting a “hole in one”.  Just sayin……..