As a certified DREAM COACH  through the amazing Denise Linn,  my strongest gifts and purpose besides being a professional PSYCHIC MEDIUM is to help YOU to find the LUCID DREAMER in YOU through DREAM COACHING. I feel incredible blessed to be going on my nightly DREAM JOURNEYS and to have 90% dream recall.

Once again, I programmed my dreams last night with my Dream DOULA and my SOUL. I also included my horse spirit, The Cloud. His spirit arrived in my blessed Turkey Feather when it was blessed by Denise Linn in October of 2016.  I asked for them to come into my dreams and while I am sleeping  to continue to raise my love, wealth and life frequencies. I also asked them to show me the path I need to follow and to light my path, so that I can easily see my path in my waking hours.

I was chosen to be interviewed for some kind of position/opportunity, and I have a sense that it might have been a writing position/opportunity. I had to sit naked in a chair in front of a group of people while I was being interviewed and tell the interviewers about myself. I FELT very expressive, confident, beautiful, young, open, sexy and very comfortable with my body. I was given that position/ opportunity. I feel so happy and peaceful now as I am writing this. In programming my dreams last night I asked to raise my love frequencies, I meant romance; however, in my dream I am loving myself.
Could this dream come true? Of course it can! I live in a clothing optional resort, and I do a lot of writing and journaling, and I recently wrote and published 3 Kindle ebooks all from my office and my living room. SOUL MATE SERIES.  I am very excited by this dream and to see what future writing opportunity opens up for me . I will continue to work on my inner self through my dreams and in waking hours. It might be playing out right now. I live in a clothing optional resortCaliente Resort, I will continue to work on my inner self through my dreams and in waking hours.



In the 2nd segment of my dreams, someone I know unexpectedly knocked on my door. He was doing some kind of scavenger hunt, and he asked me if I had a basketball. I did have a basketball in my closet, so I gave it to him. He then asked if I knew about these certain Jewish baked cookies that had filling inside of them. His wife was holding a bakery box full of these cookies. They wanted to know the name of these cookies, and they wanted me to taste them. I told them no, because I am on a diet. I then recognized them as the cookies my mother used to make. I just cannot think of the name.  How did I feel when they were standing in my room? I felt unsure. I sometimes wonder  if this couple considers me a friend. Apparently, they do.

This was an interesting dream segment. In my dream interpretation, I feel that the couple was extending friendship to me. Could the part about the Jewish cookies come true? Yes the Jewish cookies can and will come true as I am going to a Passover Sader in April.