I believe that there many layers to our inner self and our emotions.  I peel, discover and heel one layer,  and then I discover a whole new layer underneath.  I am fascinated by the the knowledge that there is so much more to me, my soul and my inner self then meets the eye. Last night, I programmed my dreams with the Universe and the Law Of Attraction. I asked the Universe and the Law Of Attraction  what they want me to know about my life in order to improve my life and  to raise my love, success and wealth frequencies.

I woke up at 7:01 am with the following dream: It appears that my parents (who in real life have passed on) have bought me a new home, and it appears that I am viewing it for the first time with the intention of moving into it; almost like I have no choice. This home is outside of Caliente Clothing Optional Resort where I live. I love living at Caliente, and I am feeling kind of wierd and uncomfortable that my home is going to be outside of the resort.  I am walking through this new home that is now mine, and everything is blank. The walls are blah with no color, and there are  no murals or paintings on the walls (like my current home).  The carpet is not pink, and there is no furniture in it. It does not have my pink stamp on it. I do not want to live outside of the resort. It feels like I am being pulled outside of my comfort zone and my love zone.


My home at Caliente Resort is fun, unique and colorful. It definitely has my pink stamp on it. It gives me my pink, colorful and fun identify.  For me, this dream reflected my sense of self.  This new home is entirely new and unknown to me, and I did not feel comfortable living outside the resort. I can look at this dream in two ways.

  1. Apparently, there is more to me then meets the eye. The Universe is giving me a blank slate and perhaps SHE, The Universe, is letting me know that there is hidden untapped potential within me to be discovered and enhanced. It shows me that I am uncomfortable living outside of my comfort zone, so I stay in my comfort zone without allowing myself to live my true potential.
  2. In the dream, my parents who have passed on, bought me this house. I believe that this is the Universe’s way of saying that t I need to heal my “relationship” with my parents (especially my mom) in order to create the life that I desire. Due to the fact that I did not want to be in this home and away from Caliente, shows me that there could be repressed memories, fears or emotions that I have not dealt with yet. It is my parent’s influence that  unknowingly have ruled my emotions, my love life and my finances.


Added 1/26: In speaking to my friend and dream sister, Amy, she recommended that I go back into my dreams to the condo that my parent’s bought me in 1989. At the time, I did not have any money, so they furnished it for me. After awhile, I was uncomfortable living there, because it was not me.