I have been on a nudist takeover of the Carnival Pride for the last nine days (February 5-14). I believe there were about 2100 nudists on the ship. It was a heck of a lot of fun.  Yes, everyone was nude with the exception of the Captain and the crew. I did hear that the Captain went to a nude beach in Grand Turk and got nude.

The purpose of this blog post is to share my dreams that I  journaled (but did not blog) while I was gone. I did not have any of my crystals that I keep inside of my pillow to enhance and remember my dreams, so at times I had trouble remembering them.

Sunday, February 7


I called in my Dream Doula to help me give birth to new love, greater prosperity and greater success. In my dream,I was giving someone stuff that I owned. I had to change the dates and numbers, etc., so that I could give it to her. I finally completed making all the changes I needed to make, so that I could give it to her. I then let her know that it was finally ready for her to own. I felt completely ready to relinguish “my stuff”.  I was relieved in a way to finally get rid of the old, so the new could come in. I felt lighter when I woke up.

Tuesday, February 9


Last night, in honor of being on a nude cruise, I programmed my dreams with the naked fairies.In the dream, I am going away on a trip, but first I had to do something every important. I had someone else give  birth to a baby girl for me. I had to first see connect, hold and feed my newborn baby before I left. Someone hands me the baby, and I am holding her in my arms, and she felt so real. I felt a real connection to her, and it was a little bit scarey for me.  I had a strong fear of mothering her. I asked myself was I god enough? Would I make a good mother? Was I worthy enough?  I am cradling her and loving her. I felt responsible for her happiness. The baby began to speak, and I was shocked that a newborn baby could actually speak. A man, perhaps a spirit/fairy messenger, told me that the baby was not a newborn. She was 15 months old. I took the baby on a walk in a baby carriage and at the same time I was walking a dog on a leash.

To be honest with you, I feel like the woman that gave birth to the baby was me, and that I gave birth to a newer and more improved version of me. I feel like I was both the mother and the baby, so I guess you can say that I was loving, holding, nurturing and cradling my inner child. I do not feel like as a baby and a young child that I ever felt loved. Yes, I was taken care of and all my basic needs were met, but I never felt nurtured nor did I feel like I had a voice.  Due to some trauma that I experienced, I stopped taking when I was 2 and did not talk again until I was 6 years old. As an adult, I never wanted to carry a baby inside of me, because I never felt like I could mother, love and nuture a baby, which is why in the dream it felt like someone else gave birth to the baby . I for sure did not want a carbon copy of me. I felt a lot of anger towards my mother for not letting my voice be heard. The wonderful and important part of this dream is that the baby had a voice. I am now allowing myself to be heard. I combined the numbers 1 for manifestation and the number 5 for breaking free from all those inner beliefs and fears that I have been carrying around.  I am constantly evolving, shifting, growing and changing.

Saturday February 2/11

The Donald

I do not remember who I programmed into my dreams; however, my dream was about Donald Trump. In my dream, they lived next door to me. Donald did not want to be bothered most of the time. We had a connecting door between our two places, and he seemed to me like he wanted the door to be kept open. In the dream, Baron was a psychic; and he seemed to be a boy of 4 years old. People would ask Baron questions, and he had the answer psychically. I wanted to ask Baron a question, but other people were asking him questions. I knew that Donald’s patience was thin. My part of the house had a garage, and there were people outside laying red sheets on the streets. These people were gathering for some kind of march or gathering. I wanted privacy, and I did not want them to bother me, so I figured out how to lock the garage once it was closed. I also quietly closed the connecting door between Donald and me.  People were coming in and out, and I did not want them to disturb Donald.

I feel that this dream may be a psychic premonition, because doors are being closed on him.