Dear God, My Guardian Angels and Archangel Raphael. Please send me beautiful light filled and healing messages in my dreams tonight while I sleep.


I woke up yesterday morning with the memory of the follow dream. I am doing a reading for a woman. I started to do an Oracle Card spread for her on the table. She left for a moment. When she came back, I was sitting in the chair with the oracle card spread still in front of me. The room was flooded with water. I was embarrassed by the mess. She called to say she was coming back for the reading. This time the water was gone, and I was ready for her.  I put out a different Oracle Card deck to do her reading.


I have been doing a lot of tapping on shifting my beliefs about love and money. Throughout my childhood, I felt like my mother was withholding love and money from me. I am not as financially solvent as I would hope to be at my age in my 60’s, because I never thought about the future and I never cared about saving money until I got older. Money was my drug of choice, and spending it made me feel good. I have been tapping to fill my heart, mind, body and soul with love. Yesterday, I attended a very enlightening online webinar by Colette-Baron-Reid on some important factors in reading Oracle Cards.

The room being flooded with water is my emotions about love and money coming to the surface. Yes, I am embarrassed. The Oracle Card decks in my dream represent to me that the answers are within me. I changed the Oracle Card deck, so I strongly believe that I am changing my mindset about love and money for my highest good. I feel like the woman who I was reading was actually me, and now the outcome and answers will be different now that I feel more enlightened.