Yesterday, as a birthday gift for my best friend, Donna, I bought her a psychic reading at this  metaphysical shop nearby where  I live (about 30 minutes North of Tampa), and I also bought a reading for myself as well. I rarely purchase readings for myself, but  I had heard about this  amazing reader from a friend of mine. I specifically asked for him. The reader was only 17 years old, and I was amazed by his accuracy.  In fact, it brought tears to my eyes.  He had a sudden vision in the middle of the reading in which he saw me looking in a mirror at my past life when I was young He told me that the past life I was seeing in the mirror directly effected this life karma wise.

What he saw and said blew my mind and brought tears to my eyes, because I was born with that memory of my past life. That past life memory became much stronger when we moved to the house that I grew up in. I  constantly experienced de ja vu feelings in that house, especially in the bathroom doorway and in front of the bathroom sink mirror. I instinctively knew that I was looking at myself in a past life. I used to know her name and when she died. I never shared it with anyone until I became an adult. She was beautiful with long gorgeous brown hair, and with her beauty she used men for their money. What I did not REMEMBER until yesterday when I had an ah ha moment during this reading was that she had very strong powers and psychic abilities,  but she used them in an evil way. 

It is no wonder, I am so against  so called “Fake Psychics”, “Fortune Tellers” and “Gypsies” who like to pull the wool over peoples eyes and who do more harm then good.  I feel like God gave me my psychic gifts and blessings to help people, and I use the wisely.  It is my purpose in life.  In this lifetime, I have always known that I am healing the karma from that past life; and now, more then ever,  I instinctively know that this lifetime is to make up for her “ugliness” in that past life. 

During the Gateway Dream Retreat that I attended to become a Certified Dream Coach in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in August, Denise Linn led a group past life regression. I went back to that past life. I saw her in as a strong force parting the worlds. When she passed into the light during my meditation, we came close together. She apologized for what she did in that past life. I am  becoming more and more aware of  the fact that I am healing that past life karma. It is finally time to let it go.

As a dream coach, I  program my dreams every night for healing, enlightenment and direction, so I am 100% percent positive that the Archangels and my Guardian Angel are healing me from the inside out.  I know that they gave the psychic who read me yesterday the vision of what he saw. I was meant to see the light yesterday.