Last night, I had one very powerful and enlightening vision and two very powerful dreams. I programmed my dreams with God, Archangel Michael (protection) and Archangel Ariel (prosperity).


I woke up at what I thought was 5:45am and grabbed my journal to write down the dream only to just barely able to grasp the essense of the dream, which was about creating and keeping  everything and everybody that I love  my life. I saw in the dream that God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Ariel were showing  me how to do just that. I also saw another wonderful female spirit who appeared in the dream as well to work with me. I was unable to grasp the rest of the dream. 

I prayed to God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Ariel to help me to remember the dream and the messages, and suddenly I began to channel visions and messages so quickly that I could hardly keep up with writing them down. I realized that I was being shown a vision – the secrets to the universe-the key.  I was taught or made to feel while growing up that I was  selfish for wanting things, and that I could only receive small amounts. As I am channeling, I am being told that the universe has plenty to go around, and that I can receive as much as I want. I see the universe is wide open. My arms reach into the energy of the cloud representing the universe, and I see that my arms are full of receiving things from the universe. Things are flying out from the energy of the universe and coming to me at great speed. It showed me that the universe is open to me and to EVERYONE. Source is unlimited, because there is no limit to what WE can receive from the universe. 

Then I am on top of a mountain. I see a black motorcyle on this mountain. The motorcyle is not mine, but it is there. I see the image of God or an Archangel (Michael perhaps) there at the top of the mountain. His eyes look like pools of water, and they are so clear. There is nothing but love in his eyes.  I am being blessed, and he puts his finger on my third eye. He is giving me the ability to be a seer. He has already given me my psychic gifts since birth, so I am more then blessed to be receiving more of his gifts. I am also being given wisdom and power. It feels like my past life blending into this life. The black motorcyle gives it away about also being in this life. I am afraid of motorcyles, and I do not ride them. The motorcyle represents power and freedom to me, but the motorcyle reminds me of the fear still inside of me waiting to be released.  I was born with a memory of a past life. In that past life,  I abused my power, but I am no longer that person. God is giving me my power back.

When I finished channeling, I looked at the clock, and it was exactly right on the dot 3:00am in the morning-not 5:45am like I thought it was when I woke up.   I went back to bed for another dream journey.

Through the website, the Angel Number 3 shows me that  my angels are trying to get my attentions.  They want me to follow my intuition and inner wisdom, so that I am able to take appropriate action at this time.  They want me to use my creative skills and abilities to manifest my desires and to enhance my life and the lives of others. They are encouraging me to follow my life path and my soul mission. I know what it is, and I feel blessed.

 Angel Number 3 is also letting me know that my prayers and positive affirmations have been heard and are being responded to by the energy of the Universe. They are reminding me to have faith that my goals and desires will manifest in my life in Divine right timing. Thank you God and my Archangels.


This is part 2 of last night’s dream adventure. I woke up at 5;45am and journaled my dream.

I am in my house with my mother, and she says to me “Oh you are stinky”. That is because I have Vicks Vapor Rub on my toe nail to help it heal. She is getting ready to entertain in my house, and there is going to be a dog being brought to the party. In real life, I have wall to wall hot pink carpet, and no animals of the furry kind are allowed on my rug or my furniture. I was concerned; however, I had no choice but to let the dog come into my house.

The next part of my dream, I am driving home from somewhere. The car was a little nervous/shaky while I was driving. Sometimes it would go backwards. Sometimes it would move forward; however, it would take awhile for the engine to rev up. I realized that I was going the wrong way. I then  turned around and went the right way, except I was unfamiliar with where I was. I was driving underneath a bridge or underneath the street or could have been in a tunnel. I saw workers working there and homeless people. The workers were testing me pretending to get in an accident to see if I would stop and help, and I did. Then they pretended to steal a van, and I called 911. I told them later, and they said it was a test to see if I would call 911. The workers answered the 911 call. At one point, I was pointing the wrong way, so I lifted up my car like a bicycle and walked across the street with it to point myself the other way. I did not see whether I got home ok, but my guess is that I did.

Through the website, Sacred Scribe Angel Numbers (, Angel number 911  is a vibration of spiritual enlightenment and awareness and of reaping karmic rewards for work well done. These numbers also indicate that the angels are telling me that a new door has opened up for me as a product of my positive thoughts, intentions and actions. It says to know with confidence and surity that I am fulfilling my karmic destiny. Angel Number 911 also suggests that my goals are almost complete, and/or that I am coming to the end of a phase or cycle in my life. It is an indication that one door is closing and another is opening. The message is to allow the “old” to be released, so it is able to be replaced with the  “new”.

Wow! This is one of the most powerful dreams and visions that I have ever had. To top it off, when I woke up this morning and checked my email, I received noticed that I am now officially a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner through Denise Linn. I am so excited, because I know I am meant to work with YOU in coaching you through your dreams and programming your dreams, so your dreams can come true.

The little black and brown dog represents my father growing up. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was a wonderful man who adopted me at 6 when my mother remarried. I did not want him there, because I wanted my biological father to come back. I always felt like I had no choices when I was young. I was stuck in the house with someone that I did not want to be there.  This black and brown dog represents all men in a sense.  Due to what happened,  I have always been  nervous about sharing my space with someone. My mother is a direct negative influence in me sharing my sacred space with , because she crossed boundaries in many ways with me. In the dream,  I left the house, and I allowed the dog to be there.  In doing so, I changed my mind set about the whole situation.

Regarding driving my car in my dream, my mindset represents the car.  At first the road is straight and narrow. It shows that I am on the right path, and that I am going in the right direction. I then turn around, but it shows me that I am  nervous and unsure. I did not, however, give up. I found the right direction, and I am on my divine right path. I am not alone in this road called life. I am protected, safe and being guided by the divine. All is well. The works were angels.

I am now a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner through Denise Linn, and as your Dream Goddess Dream Coach I can personally work with you in manifesting your deepest desires and goals for your life, and I can coach you through your dreams.



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