Once again, I programmed my dreams with my higher self and my inner God (both the same) to show me the direction I need to go in my love, sex and romantic life, with my book, with my psychic and dream coaching business, with finances and with health.

I dreamed of my Godfather, David Mendel. He passed on at least 30-35 years ago. My mother was in the dream, and she has been gone for 5 years. In the dream, there had been some kind of falling out with my Godfather, and we had not seen or spoken to eachother in 10 years. I could not remember the name of where he worked, so I searched through phone books, my phone, the internet, other papers, etc. I finally found the name of where he worked. I went to where he worked. I believe it was called Accessories or Accessorize. My mother was there with me too. At first, I left my name Linda Kaye. Someone else came out that I had not seen in 10 years, but I really really wanted to see Dave. I said to let him know that Linda Kaye would like to see him, but he refused to come out of his office to see me. I was upset, but then I realized that he might not remember my last name, Kaye; so I told them to say Grace’s daughter. Once I said Grace’s daughter, he said that he would come out and see me. The first thing I thought of is that he probably thinks my mother died. He did come out, but he had people around him that he was talking too. He looked very young like when I was a child. I felt embarrassed, so I went to the bathroom. The bathroom and the toilet were filthy, so I decided not to use that bathroom. My brother  appeared in the bathroom, and I left. When I got back to the waiting room, he was gone. There was a meeting about to start. I was so upset, and I was crying. I wanted to recapture that connection to my Godfather.  I believe later we were reunited.

My higher self and my inner God are the same thing. Dreaming of my Godfather represents my inner God.  You know, now that I am reflecting on it, I did not realize that my higher self and my inner God are connected and the same. At the same time, I do not think I ever thought about it in that way.  My higher self, to me, has always been my intuitive self and who I channel through when doing my psychic readings. My inner God is who I talk to and pray to. Each of us has an inner God that we can connect to if we so desire.

About 35 years ago, I went to a group rebirthing session. In the rebirthing session, I was taken to a tunnel. Instinctively, I was afraid to go through that tunnel. To this day, I do not know how the rebirthing assistant knew that I was afraid, because she came to me and asked me what I was afraid of. I told her that I was afraid to go through the tunnel. She said she would hold my hand as I went through the tunnel. On the otherside of that tunnel was God. He held me, cradled me, loved me and blessed me. It was one of the most power experiences I have ever had. Afterwards, I cried for hours, and my connection to God was so strong that items would jump off shelves to get my intention. Although, I still strongly believe in God, I have been wanting to recapture that feeling of having that powerful direct connection to my inner God.

The number ten in dreams represents a new beginning on a higher level and a fresh start, almost as if from scratch. Thank God, because all the past negative experiences (represented by the dirty toilet) lies behind me. I left the dirty toilet. The meeting to me felt like a recovery meeting. The fact that he would not come to see me until he knew I was Grace’s daughter made me see that I still need some healing from my mother issues. Perhaps, I am in the process of the negative influences of my mother dying inside of me. In the dream, the waiting room represents that I have been waiting for things to happen in my life.

According to the website,  sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com, the #1  also reminds us that we create our own realities with our beliefs, intentions and actions. It is up to us to shift and change our beliefs to create a new reality.  The number 0  is the number of the God force and Universal Energies and reinforces, amplifies and magnifies the vibrations of the #1.

Now that was a powerful dream!