I am someone who dreams every night, and I feel beyond blessed to remember 90% of my dreams. I absolutely love my nightly  dream journeys, and these days I am program my dreams with Archangel Raphael, because  HE is the perfect Archangel for healing, personal growth and travel I got into bed, and as I was going to sleep,  I asked Archangel Raphael to light my path and guide me in the direction that HE feels  that I need to go in my life in my dreams and while I am awake that will make me the happiest, the most prosperous, the most blessed, the most romantically loved  and the most well traveled in the most surprising and most profoundly memorable ways  that I will recognize.  I asked him also to hold my hand and walk with me in my dreams and while I am awake to take me wherever I need to go.


The night before, I remembered a brief dream snippet in which my travels were being planned by the higher ups.

Last night, in my dreams, I was around Japanese people, and I have a feeling that I had astral traveled to Japan.  I brought a packing cube with a whole bunch of new dresses in it to choose from for just one night at a party/gathering. I am watching food being prepared super close up. A Japanese man offers me a Japanese smoothie type drink, and it looks like there is meat in the drink. I think there is meat in the drink, because I watched them prepare it.  He tells me that there is no meat in the drink. To my surprise, it is very good; and I am relieved. Drinking it brings me a sense of peace. The drink is green in color, and it has a minty flavor. I also tried the food in the dish as well, and it was just as good. I am told that the people who prepared it are very clean. I have to work until 5:45 pm, and then I can get dressed to go to the party/gathering at 6pm. I start getting ready, and I dump all the dresses out of the packing cube.  I don’t like any of the dresses in the packing cube. I do not think they were my choices. I put on one of my favorite sun dresses that suddenly appears, and I ask my mother if she likes it. She says no. I end up wearing a dress that I didn’t bring with me that is at home in my closet that I love just as much. I did not want to settle.


I feel peaceful, like this was a really good healing and cleansing dream.


I am lucid dreaming like I do every night.  I keep repeating the dream going back and forth between scenes making sure that when I am ready to wake up, I will have all the dreams in my memory banks to write it down. I am a very picky eater, and mostly I do not try anything new. Food is a representative of how I lead my life.  Drinking something minty to me represents healing, calming and peace, especially for my stomach. I also worry what other people think. I feel like Archangel Raphael is telling me to lighten up and not be so afraid of losing (or not having) more personal financial freedom then I already have I am afraid of my identity being taken away from me, because my mother tried instilling her identity, her fears, her beliefs and insecurities on me, which is why I listened to her when she said no to the dress. I bounced right back, and I chose another dress in my closet that I love. In my case, I worry about not having more  personal and financial freedom, so that I can travel a lot more then I am doing. Archangel Raphael wants me to try new things. I know there is some healing going on inside of me. Japan for me symbolizes enlightenment, inner knowing, and travel (physically and spiritually). I am going through some sort of cleansing. I am trusting that I am being healed. 

My dear friend and dream sister, Amy,  and I have conversations about our dreams every day. This morning,  she talked about me having a Paradigm shifts. She is a follower of Abraham Hicks.  I am not. She said my dream is about taking a leap of faith and letting go. When I do so, Paradigm shifts will come, and there will be a difference as to how I approach life and act in the world. I am looking forward to these Paradigm shifts.

On Doreen Virtue ‘s website, number 6 is a reminder for me to set my intentions towards more spiritual sights instead of worrying so much about material needs.  Interestingly enough, she says that six will guide  me away from money worries, which attracts money problems or issues. She says to set my sights on faith to supply me with my earthly needs. I have the strongest desire is to travel a lot more often then I am doing right now. I am looking forward to my European cruise next year.


How will this healing play out in my life? What does this mean for my future?


I am going to see how this dream plays out in my life, and explore what personal freedom is to me, and give it to the universe.

In programming my dreams tonight with Archangel Raphael, I will say to him “I am ready for my paradigm shifts and I am ready for you to lead me through these shifts.  I am in your hands tonight in my dreams while I sleep and also in my waking hours. Thank you Archangel Raphael. I am grateful.


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