Linda Kaye
Professional Psychic Psychic Medium & Certified Dream Coach

I programmed my dreams with my Guardian Angel, my Soul and my Higher Self. I asked for their help in stepping into the divine light of prosperity without guilt and fear.  I also asked for guidance in accepting all the spiritual gifts and prosperity that the universe  has for me now in the most surprising way that I will recognize. I ended up having a Precognitive Dream.

The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of  Your Dreams


I woke up around 4:30am from a dream, but the dream disappeared. I woke up again around 7:45 am from this dream. I had been on a plane, but the dream started when I landed. My dream sister, Amy, was with me. I strongly suspect our destination was Alaska only because of the hotel we had chosen to stay in, the Fairbanks. We each had our own hotel room. First, we stopped to see the huge group of people we were going to be traveling with. This was either a cruise or a land trip.  We were intermingling with people in the group, and there were long tables with people sitting at them. I came upon this guy who said that he would vouch for us, which means we could share a hotel room with someone else, so that we would not have to leave the area to go to our hotel. We could all be together. I told him no, because  Amy and I  preferred our own rooms (true in real life). A guy offered to fly out to where I live and build me either a barbecue pit or a barbecue grill for me. In my mind, I am thinking  that I live in a condo, and I have no backyard to put it in. I am telling a guy that I was worried that I did not pack all the pretty pink clothes that I love for this trip. I got to my room, and I decide to change my clothes. I put on a very long blue jeans skirt that gathered at the waist and a blue top that was fooffy, which also gathers at the waist. Then I put on a blue pull over sweater. I did not like the way I looked in this outfit. I felt frumpy, and the whole look did not feel like me or look like me. The whole outfit was blue. Yes, I was connecting spiritually in my dream.


During my dream, I did not feel like myself. I felt tired. Now that I am awake, I feel good.


Blue is the color for spirituality. It came to light this morning that this is a Precognitive Dream. I shared my dream with my dream sister, Amy, this morning. We call each other dream sisters, because we both have a passion for programming our dreams, and we are both certified Gateway Dream Practitioner and Dream Coaches. She unexpectedly brought up wanting to go on  the Abraham Hicks cruise to Alaska in July. I was on a new age  metaphysical cruise last year, and I loved it.   Although I am quite aware of the teachings of Abraham Hicks,  I am not at present a follower of Abraham Hicks.. I sense that the color blue represents my spiritual growth.  I have a strong sense that my dream about being with a large group of people is representing that Amy and I were going to he Abraham Hicks cruise together. The vibe I got that the Abraham Hicks cruise at this present moment in time may not the right path for me right now. Wearing blue, and not feeling comfortable, is shows me that. I feel like the barbecue is a spiritual gift from the universe; and although I did not say it out loud, I wondered how I was going to use that spiritual gift.  Amy suggested that I go on you tube and listen to Abraham Hicks. I will definitely be doing that today to keep an open mind. We all have our own path of spiritual growth.


What is my next step in my spiritual growth?


I will be listening to some Abraham Hicks videos and working in my dreams to be in alignment and enlightenment with my deepest desires in life.