Last night, I programmed my dreams with my “regulars”, my Dream Doula and Ganesh for moving me forward in my life in the direction I need to go for finding soul mate love and for a wealth consciousness. I feel like my dreams last night took me on a few different journeys.



I received a gift of a card or it could have been a coupon, and I placed it between the pages of a book. I then left it there. Later, I was asked to find that card or coupon. I could not remember which book I put it in. I woke up at 4am (in the dream) to begin my search to find it. It feels like I could have been on a ship, because the path  I was walking on was long and expansive. I ran into 3 women standing in the doorway. They were monitors of some kind.  I said to them “I am so tired”. They laughed. I then continued on my way to the other side  where I believe the book was. There were a lot of books there. I am not sure I found it, but then again I might have found it.


For me, the 3 women were angels, and they were there to guide me. I feel as if I was lucid dreaming, because I barely had my eyes open in the dream. I had to find where I put the card/coupon. This is an interesting dream, because at this moment in time, I am taking Robert Moss’s online class “Active Dreaming”. In his last class session, he said that if we ever wanted an answer to a question, ask the question and then open any book to any page. The answer will be there. This dream was reminding me that the answers could be in any page of any book, which in turn is within me. We each have a book inside of us.

In addition, I did some dream gazing once I was awake to see if I could find the book. In my dream gazing, I found it, and I was thrilled and excited. I knew that my life would never be the same again. It would be so much better.



In the next segment of my dream, I boarded a plane where low and behold I discovered that my brother, Robby, was also on the plane. Initially, he was getting off the plane, but he stayed. He asked me what I was doing there, and I told him that his friends invited me. He then said that they were HIS friends. I believe my mother was on the plane as well. Everything seemed to turn out ok, and we all got along.


I was a little stymied by this dream until I spoke to my Dream Sister, Amy, this morning. She is also taking Robert Moss’s class, Active Dreaming, as well. She had done some investigation and discovered that he is doing a “by invitation only” in person class in July. My brother’s name is Robert, and I sincerely think that I was having what I call a  “psychic dream”. I had no idea of our impending conversation until I talked to her this morning.

ADDITION 3/3/17 – I am thinking that perhaps my brother Robby and I are going to a higher level of consciousness with each other. Our conversations over the phone have always been short. They have never been open and deep. Since I have begun exploring and programming my dreams in the last year, our relationship with each other has naturally improved tremendously. We now have somewhat deeper and longer conversations. Our emotional distance has gotten closer, so maybe it is showing me that we are both going to a higher level of consciousness and healing with each other.



In the last segment of my dream, I was on a cruise ship. We were docked, but the seas were rough. I open the door to the outside, and I feel the spray of the ocean with the wind.  I could see a blond woman on the dock walking in a bright red dress. She was not bothered by the wind and the rough seas that was spraying up on the dock. To her, it was a beautiful day.


I  understand this dream. I did a heck of a lot of traveling last year. This year, except for a cruise two weeks ago,  I am not able to plan another cruise until I save more money, so at the moment I am “docked”.  I have no trips planned, but I yearn to go on another cruise. It is showing me that I will get through this rough non cruising period, and once again be able to go on another cruise. The woman walking on the pier without a care in the world dressed in red (which represents passion and drive) shows me that I will get through this quiet travel period. The woman was me.