Last night while programming my dreams, I called in my sleeping and dreaming angel, my prosperity angel and the super moon. I asked for the continued raising of my core vibration. I also asked for the continued raising of my my wealth, success, health and love frequencies.  I also asked for peace on our planet. I was awakened a little after 5:40am from the following dreams:

DREAM SEGMENT #1 – There was some kind of dispenser right outside my door. I do not remember what was in this dispenser though. Someone gave me a coin to get what I needed out of the dispenser, but it was empty and had not been refilled yet. I also remember cars driving in different directions. Something tells me that the dream signifies my need to fill my heart, mind, body and soul with love.

DREAM SEGMENT #2 –  I was sitting at a table with a friend who in real life I wish I had a closer connection with.  There were two other women at this table. She gave the other two gifts, and one of them I could see received makeup. She did not give me a gift. It felt a little awkward to me, and I was hurt. This is when I began to lucid dream. In one part of my lucid dream, I told her off and left the table; but then in the middle of lucid dreaming, I realized that the outcome had to change in a more positive way;. I then went back to the table, and this time she gave me a gift as well. Receiving gifts for me in my lucid dreaming meant that I am connecting with the beautiful  gift that my friend has of having excellent and talented marketing skills for her businesses. This is a gift that I would love  to have, and through lucid dreaming I allowed her to share her gifts with me. Also what I realized while blogging is that the other two women received tangible gifts. She and I were facing eachother in the dream; and even though her hands were empty with me, I do feel that she had some spiritual gifts that she wanted to share with me.

I have a God Box and I have many little pieces of paper in this God Box with many goals, wishes and desires in it written in the present tense (i.e. Thank you God for I now…….). I pick one every morning. If I pick it at least two or three days in a row, it means it is going to happen. You might want to read my God Box blog to see how a miracle happened for me about 27 years ago from using a God Box. Click here to read it. Yesterday, I picked Thank you God for I am now using my excellent marketing skills in promoting my psychic and dream coaching business.

ADDITION – Soon after this dream (like the next day), I was inspired to contact my friend in the dream after not speaking to her for quite awhile. We had a beautiful and uplifting conversation on the phone.