Last night, I programmed my dreams with  God, Archangel Raphael and John Of God to help me to get a good nights sleep and to wake up feeling fabulous. I also asked for any important messages to be received in my dreams regarding any aspect of my life.


My dream was about a man who is waiting for this woman who he really loves and wants to be with. He wants her to know that he is waiting for her, so he goes outside and puts a piece of cardboard and I think some candles by his car or on his car. He then goes back inside, and he waits and listens for the cardboard to be knocked down by her. He hears the noise of the cardboard. He runs outside, but it is a false alarm. She is not there. He comes back in very sad. I knew the outcome of this connection between this man and woman, because I had been upstairs watching a movie about them. I could see from the movie that there is another woman who cares about him and who wants to be with him. I see this woman down the hall. She is the other woman who desires to be with him. I talk to her.


I believe I am the woman waiting in the hall for my future soul mate to recognize me and accept me as his soul mate. I do not know him yet or maybe I do know him, but we do not recognize each other yet as soul mates.,. Watching this romantic movie  UPSTAIRS about a man and a woman represents my strongest desires to be in a relationship. I am waiting for love.  The feelings that I get from a movie is that I have the ability to manifest a soul mate, and that I am moving to a higher vibration (upstairs). The car is parked, so for me it represents waiting. The cardboard on the car reminds me of something that happened to me 27 years ago. I walked to my car in the parking lot after work. When I got inside the car and closed the door, I saw this strange man  put a gigantic piece of  cardboard on my windshield that said “I love you”. It scared me.  I drove off in fear even though I could not see through the windshield. The cardboard fell off once I left the parking lot.  I am waiting for someone to say “I love you”.

THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT MY DREAM IS SHOWING ME THAT I CAN AND WILL MANIFEST MY SOUL MATE. I have to work on lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming reminds me of making a movie. The characters and the future can change and evolve into what I want it to be.

UPDATE – 9/9/18 – This dream makes sense to me now. I understand it completely. Sometimes we meet who we truly believe to be  a soul mate, but perhaps the other does not realize it or wish to realize it. It’s OK, because I know with 100% certainty that I can dream a new soul mate into my life whenever I wish to. We all have more then one soul mate. If one does not work out, there is another soul mate on the horizon just waiting to be recognized.