Since I was very tired last night, I decided to take a break from all the healing work that I have been experiencing in my dreams. I asked God and Archangel Raphael to please help me to get a really good night’s sleep.  I also asked them to help me to remember any important healing dream, but to please make sure that my healing dreams do not interfering with my sleep. 


I suddenly appeared in a man’s house. I was sleeping in his bed. I got out of bed, and I walked into the living room half asleep and not being able to focus. I saw him with  two young women who looked in their twenties. He was giving them both sensual massages. I was feeling very sleepy, dizzy and out of sorts, and I did not think I could drive home. He said that I had to leave anyway. I was invading his space and interfering with the sensual massages he was giving the women. 

I had a strange phone call, and I was not sure what the guy wanted. It had to do with my family, and he wanted to know why I was at the top of the list. I was very confused by the phone call, and I hung up. I asked my father (who passed on in 2001), and he said that the guy is bugging them to sell the house.

There was a beautiful white dog in the dream.

Someone said that the over the counter medication I was taking was not good for me.


I VERY  STRONGLY believe that I astral traveled into the home of  a man I don’t know to sleep. I woke up, got out of his bed, and  I walked into his living room encountering the man giving a sensual massage to two women on the balcony. I thought one of the women was his daughter at first.  I think I have been watching too much of the Bachelor. LOL. I am pretty clear also that it is my deep desire  for a sensual experience with a soul mate. 

This is regarding the man on the phone wanting to know why I was at the top of the list. Perhaps this  means that I am moving up to a higher vibration. I believe that HE is my deep ingrained beliefs that I don’t deserve to rise to the top.  I could be moving beyond the limitations that I placed on myself in childhood due to my family beliefs, etc.  This could be my childhood home that the man was talking about, and I am moving into a new and improved head space for feeling deserving and worthy of love. Perhaps I am next on the list to find love?

The white dog could be a reflection of my inner self healing.

I have been taking Melatonin before I go to sleep at night. Even though it is only 1 mg, it is way to much for my 4’10” 105 pound frame. I wake up feeling groggy with it. The message was loud and clear. I won’t be taking it anymore.