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Last night, I programmed my dreams with God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.   I asked them to please  continue to work with me in my dreams without interrupting my sleep in helping me to make a major paradigm shift  from a scarcity belief paradigm to an abundance belief paradigm  in the most surprising, ways that I will recognize, so that I can raise my wealth frequency, so that I can travel more often and more extensively.   I also asked my dream guides to insure that I get a good nights rest. Also to please help me to remember the dreams and messages that I receive from them. 


For one thing, I was lucid dreaming due to the fact that I kept going over and over the dream while I was sleeping to make sure I did not leave anything out. I lucid dream almost every night, so I do not forget my dreams when I wake up.

This was one heck of a powerful dream that I feel blessed to have had. My dream was all about gold. I have lots and lots of gold. I have used some of it before to make jewelry already, and now I want them to make a gold necklace out of some of the gold that I own.  A guy that I am sexually involved with works in the jewelry store. He returns my calls instantly, but only when it has to do with gold. We are having sex in the dream.  I remember once we were in a room on the floor starting to have sex. The room had 2 doors that were closed; however, I was worried that someone would come in the doors at anytime. Both doors were not locked, so I stopped us from having sex at that moment. 

Suddenly, I realize that I have run out of gold, and I was told that what was left was worthless.  I then decided that instead of a gold necklace that I would pay for them to make me a beautiful  Cubic Zirconia ring. I don’t want to spend more then $500. Another guy is helping me, and somehow I end up in the car with the sales guy. I am in the front seat as a passenger. I believe he asks me if it is an engagement ring. I tell him no, but that I want it to look like an engagement ring.  I also tell him that I am going to put it on my right ring finger. I suddenly turn around, and I was surprised to see the guy that works in the jewelry store that I am having sex with in the back seat. A wealthy female friend is in the back seat as well, and she is also affiliated with the store. She wants credit for the purchase that I am about to make. I am now in the jewelry store, and this sales guy comes out wearing a long sleeve fish net dress. I tell him that I want a sleeveless fishnet dress.


In this dream, I strongly believe that I am processing my fears of scarcity both in love and in money, so that I can make a paradigm shift from scarcity to abundance. This is due to the fact that in my dream I had lots and lots of gold and then I ran out of the gold and that what is left is worthless.  I then decided to have them make me a ring with cubic zirconia. I have also always had a fear (due to my mother’s fears instilled in me) that  men will only want me for my money, so I have always kept myself free from wealth. I am also still single. I have also had a fear of scarcity, which is silly; because I ALWAYS have enough money. My goal is to have MORE then enough money. The female friend in the back seat of the car I was riding in is very wealthy, so her energy was in my dream.  Maybe the pattern and the belief that I have with men only wanting me for my money is in the back of me now, since I seem to be processing it in my dream.  Wanting to have a cubic zirconia engagement ring on my right hand is my desire for a spiritual marriage-not a legal marriage. 

My biological father disappeared with all the family’s money plus others money when I was 2 years old (never to be found again) leaving my mother understandably very resentful. My mother got remarried to a great guy who adopted us and took care of us; nevertheless, I grew up listening to my mother’s belief that all men will only want me  for my money. For that reason, love and money are connected for me. Both have to be in divine order and consistent with me in order for my life to feel in order and in order for me to have both.  In my life, I cannot have one without the other.  That belief that men would only want me for my money has kept me from remarrying and from leading a more prosperous life. 

I was recently booked on the October Greek Islands Abraham Hicks Vortex Cruise. I felt like I had the golden ticket  in my hands, and that I was incredible lucky to be going on this dream Abraham Hicks cruise to Greece; however, I canceled it out of fear of not being able to afford it. That cruise was completely sold out, and I was able to get one of the last inside cabins available with over 1000 people booked on it.  The truth is that I could have afforded it. Although I am going to go on another fun singles cruise at that time, I feel some sadness that I let the “golden ticket” go. 

There is the man I was in a sexual relationship with, and the fact that I almost had sex with him on the floor.  There are two doors closed to the room. They are unlocked, and there is my fear that someone will walk in on us having sex, and that I have a fear of being exposed. I could interpret this part of the dream in two ways. Perhaps  I have two directions I can go in to find love- two possibilities for love. It could also mean that the door has closed to two men from my past.  Perhaps, I am afraid of being “exposed”. Before I married my ex husband in 1970, I always stopped us from having sex, because in my household and also in society at that time, you did not have sex before marriage. 

I don’t usually look up dream meanings, because I believe that our dream meanings are not connected to any one else’s dream meaning. On the internet, however, it says that a necklace is for love. If that is the case, I am seeking love in my dream. The guy in the jewelry store who I was having sex with and who I asked to make me a gold necklace let me know that the gold that was left over was worthless. I interpret him as being worthless, because he just wants me for money and sex.  I want someone to want me for love. This is why I switched to cubic zirconia, because it looks and feels beautiful and elegent.  In other words, I don’t necessarily need to be rich in order to travel often and to be loved. I just need to have faith. I do, HOWEVER, deserve to be prosperous and loved. 

Number 5 in dreams, for me, resonates with my desire for personal freedom, which is what I am striving for in order to be able to travel more frequently.  

With Angel Number 50, my Archangels  are giving me a message to live my life as it suits me personally, and do not allow my fears of not having enough money or what others think (particularly my brother) to hinder me. My brother has been very judgmental of me throughout my life, and I carry his judgement with me throughout my life.


I feel very grateful and relieved for this powerful and enlightening dream. My dream guides are working with me in making that Paradigm shift that I so strongly want to make. I will be continuing with my paradigm shift dream tonight with the support and help of my dream guides, God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.

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