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Dear God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.  Please  continue working with me in my dreams without interrupting my sleep in helping me to make a love paradigm shift in my life, so that I can open up my life to even more socializing, close friends and a long term relationship. Please also help me to experience greater love, joy and intimacy  in my love life in the most surprising ways that I will recognize.  While I am sleeping and dreaming, please help me to capture and remember the dreams and messages that I receive from you, so that I can also process and heal through my dreams in my waking hours. Thank you. I am Grateful.


A friend wants us to go to lunch together, and she wants me to bring a date. I think of one guy, but then dismiss the idea. I decide to call this other guy, but I soon discover that I have the wrong area code for him.  It’s not area code 315. It is area code 325. He does not answer the phone. I am not sure, but I think I might have left a message. I am  on my way  to the meeting place for lunch, and rain is intensely pouring down on me. I am holding 3 packages with 3 different dresses in it. When I get to my destination, I discover that one of the packages with my absolute favorite sexy dress in it has disappeared. It was blown out of my hands by the rain.  Now I only have 2 packages. I feel a great loss of that dress that I love so much.


I decided to combine numbers 315, which equals a 9 number. This to me means the ending of a phase of my life. It could also mean the ending of past beliefs and past patterns in relationships. I then combined the numbers 325, which is the number 10. Number 10 to me means new beginnings. 

Angel Number 325 is a message that the life changes that I am being guided to make in order to create a love paradigm shift are the right ones for me.

The rain pouring down on me indicates a serious deep cleansing for me in order for me to make a love paradigm shift. It starts with me loving myself first. I had 3 packages with 3 dresses. The package with my favorite sexy dress in it disappeared with the intense rain (see picture above). In truth, I rarely wear that dress anymore, because about 7 or 8 years ago I wore that dress to visit my mother in Virginia. My brother saw it, and told me that it was too revealing, and he actually said that no one dresses like that in Virginia. He went on to say that no one wears shorts in Virginia. I asked the cab driver if that were true, and he cracked up.  I have not seen my brother since. Actually, he won’t see me due to what I wore.  I am so self conscious about that dress that I rarely wear it anymore.  I decided to wear it on a cruise recently, and I kept asking a girlfriend of mine if it was too short and revealing. She said no.  

When I was in my 30’s, I lived in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. My brother was visiting from Virginia, so we decided to meet for lunch. I was wearing a shorts jump suit, and I was totally covered in the important places. My brother told my mother that I was inappropriately dressed.  I refused to see him for the next couple of years that he came out to visit. 

It is sad that I let my brother negatively influence me as much as he does. I realize that I lived with my mother’s  critical nature all my life until she passed in 2011, and her critical nature became  his critical nature.  Maybe it’s time to love myself in that dress again. The dream is also telling me to love myself. Perhaps I should program my dreams to make  a love paradigm shift between my brother and me. I’ll think about that one.