As you might have guessed from my blog posts, I am a dreamer. I program my dreams every night to solve situations, for ideas and insights,  for healing the past for helping my wishes and desires to come true. In the past, when I have had dreams of intensely kissing a man, hugging a man, making love to a man, these dreams turned out to be precognitive dreams. Precognitive dreams feel so real, and they always comes true exactly as I dreamed it. It usually happens in about 3-5 months after the dream. Soul mate precognitive dreams can last for  for a long time or can be brief. No matter how long they last, oh boy they are passionate and powerful. 

Last night when doing my dream programming prayer as I was going to sleep, I called into my dreams both  Morphius (Lord of Dreams) and Angus Mac Og (Celtic God of Love) to help me to have beautiful prophetic dreams about meeting and connecting with my  future  soul mate for a long term lasting relationship. I asked Morphius and Angus Mac Og to help us to meet on the Astral Plane, so that we can connect and get to know each other, so that we meet in the physical world, we will already have that connection. 


I open the blinds to look out my window, and I can see into this man’s bedroom as if there is no separation between my window and his window. It is like we are in the same place. The window is like a huge very clear and transparent bay window. He is sound asleep in bed. He has dark hair (it looks black). I walk away from the window, and then I keep coming back to the window and opening the blinds. I want to see if he is alone or if there is a woman that will show up in bed with him. No, he is alone all night long. Later I think we are in the same vibration when he is awake. I think we said hello to each other.  I then get on a scale, and I weigh myself. It shows my weight, but I can’t remember the numbers exactly.  I am about 7-8 pounds lighter, which makes me very happy.


I believe that Anges Mac Og and Morphius were showing me my soul mate. He is asleep, and this could be because it is the middle of the night OR it could be that he is not quite ready to come in. I truly believe that there is going to be a lot of intimacy between us, since it felt so clear looking into his bedroom. Me getting on the scale and looking at my WEIGHT could be another way of saying that I have to wait for him. This man is definitely single, and I believe when he comes to me he will be very transparent. I also feel like we are on the same level and vibration, and that we are connected even though we have not met yet.  I also believe losing weight is like releasing some emotional blocks to meeting him. Seven is the number for spiritual growth.  Eight is the number of abundance, which may manifest in the form of happiness, money, love, bliss or whatever my true heart desires. T.


By invoking the Irish Lord of Love, Angus Mac OG, into our love, sex and romantic life, it helps us to know that nothing is impossible when it comes to love and relationships. Angus Mac Og dreamed the love of his life into existence. Here are some of the benefits of invoking Angus Mac Og into your life and your dreams.

He encourages vivid romantic dreams while we sleep

He removes seemingly impossible obstacles in our relationships and our love life

He brings solutions to our desperate romantic dilemmas.

He opens our heart to receiving and accepting, feeling, trusting and giving love.

He nurtures and nourishes our heart to help us feel love.

He heals  our inner child of a lack of trusting and feeling love.

He guides us in creating our own NEW  love story that comes to life in our own reality.

He heals our broken heart

He helps us to have a positive outlook on life.

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Morphius is the Lord of Dreams  is the leader of the Oneiroi, the spirit of dreams.  The Oneiroi live in a cave near the borders of Hades. They sleep during the day and emerge at night like a flock of bats bearing dreams. They must pass through one of two gates. Once, as I was calling Morphius into my dreams, he started speaking to me so clearly and loudly in another language, which I assumed was Greek. He startled me, because I was wide awake with my eyes open as he was speaking to me. I have no idea what he was saying to me though. Here are some of the powerful benefits of invoking Morphius into our life and our dreams:

He stops Nightmares

He invokes prophetic dreams

Morphius and the Oneiroi will help you to interpret our dreams

He can show us our future soul mate.

He can help us  to communicate with a present soul mate.

He can help us to send messages to those who you wish to communicate with but are estranged from.

He can help us to communicate with those who have passed on.

The possibilities are endless.

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