As my blog followers  know, I am a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner and Dream Coach. As a night healer through my dreams. I am working on transforming myself through my dreams and my night healing adventures. I find programming my dreams and becoming my own night healer to be one of the most powerful tools that I have ever used in regards to healing my past and my unwanted negative core beliefs. For me, Dream programming is a safe, powerful and effective way of seeing into the windows of our soul to resolve and let go of feats, guilt abandonment issues shame etc.

Last night,  I asked  my soul to come into my dreams, so that I could receive important messages and guidance from HER in all areas of my life . I know that I had three distinct parts to my dream; however, the third and last one is the one that is the clearest to me and the one I am supposed to remember. I see a very long table and the table is filled with lots of green stuff/greenery (healing energy). The name Grace is very significant and very much in the forefront of my dream. Grace was my mother’s name. In the dream, someone is doing my makeup-Grace. My mother was always trying to change me and the way I I looked as a child, because she was not happy with herself.  She is applying eyeshadow to my eyes, and the eyeshadow is making my eyes look so beautiful. Our eyes are the mirror to our soul.

 As I am writing this, a peaceful feeling comes over me. I feel like my mother came into my dream to heal things between us and to heal me of my fears, my insecurities and my negative beliefs about myself. I am making progress in separating myself from those childhood beliefs. The green plants represent that I am healing myself, and that I am growing, evolving and transforming.

 As I am blogging this, my Archangel Michael app popped up on my phone with his  message for me for the day. It says “Never let your ego, or someone else’s ego, bring you down. After all, your  purpose is to lift up with love”.

It is going to be a beautiful day. ❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️💋🍷😎