Last night I programmed my dreams with God, the mermaids of the sea and my future soul mate who is for my highest and best good. I also asked that my soul mate  be someone who  would fullfill  me and make me happy, and I went into a little detail about how I envisioned him to be. After the OOOPSY the night before in bringing a past soul mate into my dreams, I knew I had to be much clearer this time. I asked them to prepare me for HIM. I woke up once at 4:30am and then again at a little after 7am. Calling in 3 dream partners made me a little tired when I woke up this morning. I normally do not like to call in more then 2 dream partners, because my dreams become too busy. It will be back down to 2 for me tonight.

I dreamed that I was shown my future soul mate; HOWEVER, I do not remember what he looked like. I did, however, have a giant smile on my face upon meeting him. I feel like God and the mermaids of the sea do not want me to know who he is just yet or maybe it was my own soul wanting to be surprised. Perhaps, I have more work to do on myself to prepare. Either way, I know that he is on his way. Time will tell.

In the second part of the dream, I felt like I was in a huge room, and there was a tall woman sleeping on a cot next to me. She was showing me how to do something. A shower faucet was in my dream.   This woman was tall, so I am thinking that perhaps she was my dream sister, Amy.  Amy and I have programmed our dreams together at times, and we call eachother to discuss our dreams every morning. In this part of the dream, I received two contracts from two different clients of mine. In the dream, I called them contracts; however, this is when my clients buy a series of prepaid psychic reading or dream coaching minutes.

I feel like this tall woman who was showing me the shower faucet was showing me how to turning on the flow of abundance and wealth in my life.