Tuesday night, while watching the election results playing out on TV, I started to feel the  intense energy of my soul mate in my vibration. Since I have not met him yet, I knew I had to call him into my dreams that night. The energy was pretty intense.  Going to bed and trying to sleep ended up being very futile, because I kept waking up every two hours to see the election results. I barely got any sleep, and I was absolutely exhausted all day yesterday.

Last night, I programmed my dreams with my sleeping and dreaming angel and my soul mate. I asked that my sleep not get interrupted, but for me to have very clear, bright and vivid dreams about my soul mate and for me to remember those dreams. I asked for my soul mate to comfort me in my dreams and for him  to also assist me in continuing to write my books. My book “How To Know When Someone Is Thinking Of You” (a book about soul mates) is completed and now being proofread and set up for Kindle.  I am currently writing my second book about soul mates.

I had many dream segments, and the following are the dreams that were important enough for me to remember:

In my dream, I asked someone to come into my hotel room, to unlock my door. The guy kept saying that the door was already unlocked. He then realized  that I was talking about the safe in the room, so he unlocked the safe for me. I then realized WHILE STILL IN THE DREAM that there was more to dream about my soul mate, so I got back into bed while the guy was still there to finish dreaming. I was dreaming on my stomach, which in real life is something I have not done in years. The next thing I know, I am at my front door of my condo, and there are two red apples sitting on my welcome mat. I pick them up as WE go in the house, and we bite into them. I woke myself up purposely a little before 6am to quickly record the dreams that I remember, so that I would not forget  them. My dreams were rapidly going from one segment to another at a high rate of speed.

I got back into bed immediately after recording my dreams,  because I knew that there was more to dream. The next thing I know is that I am about to have a passionate moment with a man, and my brother interrupts us. He says “No, you cannot be with this guy. He is the wrong guy. I will take you to where and who you should be with”.  I am then rising up higher and higher and higher through the darkness and the stars to a much higher level.  It is as if  I am being taken to a much higher love and soulmate frequency. Once there, I look around; and I see parents and their little baby. They are dressed like they are back in the 50’s, which is when I was born. They are telling the baby how much she is loved. I look down, and I see who I know is me at the lower level zigzagging around in a dotted line trail not really going anywhere. At this point, I know I need to write this down. I open my eyes, and  I realize that 30 minutes has gone by since I got back into bed to finish the dream. I know there is more to dream; but for me, it is time to get up. I will program my dreams to connect again witht my soul mate tonight.


The hotel room represents temporary relationships to me. I have not been in a serious relationship in many years. Even though the door has been wide open for me to find love, it has not felt safe for me to share my heart, mind, body, soul and sleep with a man. The man unlocking the safe, shows that it is safe for me to be loved and wanted. I go back to bed while the man is still there, and I am dreaming  that I am sleeping on my stomach.  About 15 years ago,  I remember feeling safe with a man  that I was involved with while sleeping on my stomach. We were friends for many years before we got involved, so I trusted him.  It has always been difficult for me to fall asleep next to a man; although,  I was able to fall asleep with my first love 44 years ago. I would like to be able to fall asleep in my soul mate’s arms without being afraid of letting my guard down and him leaving me. I wonder what my biggest fear is, and I am remembering when I first married my ex husband. I could not fall asleep with him next to me unless I knew he was sleeping first.  My biggest fear was of being stabbed. That fear absolutely made no sense to me, so part of me always thought that it is a past life issue.  In this lifetime, I believe my fear of being vulnuerable has to do with the painful memories of my biological father disappearing when I was very young never to be seen or heard from again.  Could it be that my fear of being abandoned is still so subconsciously strong within me that it prevents me from being able to let my guard down and fall asleep with a man?

This dreamed segment showed me that I can fall asleep with someone if I allow myself to, and that it is safe.  Biting into the red apples, reminds me of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit. Being interrupted by my brother for being with the wrong man,  reminds me of when I was 19 years old and  my brother and my mother did not want me to marry my ex husband.  One day, I found them sitting on the floor of my brother’s bedroom both crying, because they felt like something was not quite right with my then fiance. They were right, and I was divorced by the time I was 21. To this day, I do not trust my choices with men. 

Being taken to a higher frequency,represents the men I have been with that were not at a high enough love and soul mate frequency for me. This is because I needed to raise my love and soul mate frequency. This was done in my dream, and my inner child is being shown a lot of love. Running around in a dotted line trail is showing me that the love prints of my soul are not matching with my higher love and soul mate frequencies.  Through my dream, I am literally changing my spiritual DNA and my core vibration. This is powerful.

Stay tuned, because I will be programming my dreams tonight for more soul mate dreams. This time I will program my dreams asking to fall asleep in my soul mates arms.

In the meantime,  while you are waiting for the kindle version of my book #howtoknowwhensomeoneisthinkingofyou , please watch my video on youtube.