Dear God and Archangel Raphael. Please help me to enter Denise Linn’s Mystic Healing Portal in my dreams tonight, so I can sleep soundly and deeply through the night waking up fully rested in the morning.  I am also placing my financial goals and desires into the Mystic Healing Portal tonight, so that you can work with me while I am dreaming in expanding my business and increasing my sales productivity, so that I can increase my income to my desired results, save more money and cruise and travel more often then I already am. Help me to capture and remember the dreams, messages and healing energy. Thank you God and Archangel Raphael. I am grateful. 


I am with a group of people in a public place. I could be staying there. I find this shirt, and I try it on. It says nudist on it. I like it, so I decide to wear the shirt with shorts. Jax Taylor from the TV reality show, Vanderpump Rules, comes into my room and goes in the bathroom. When he comes out of the bathroom, the stink from his poop is so unbearable that I cannot go in there to use the bathroom. I felt very upset by the disturbing smell, and i still remember the smell. I tell whoever works there about the smell. They smell it too. They brought me a big jug of water to my room, and they placed it on the shelf.  My prosperous traveling, friend, Linda shows up in my dream. We are a group waiting to go somewhere. I think I went home to go to the bathroom. I am now waiting for the call about where we are going to go.


I feel that the stinky bathroom represents the sudden awareness of  deeply buried unconscious negative beliefs, guilt and fears that I have had about myself  relating to money that has been stinking up my life and preventing me from living my true money/income potential in life. It is coming up for me to see and release.   I have a very strong desire to cruise more often then I am doing right now, so I would like more financial freedom. The nudist T Shirt shows that I am certainly not hiding the fact that I am a nudist from my cruising friends. Water to me means renewal and new beginnings, and in  my dream I strongly feel that water was offered to me to clear out those deeply buried unconscious negative beliefs, guilt and fears about money that have been stinking up my life. I also feel that since it was someone else’s poop and not my poop and my smell that  stunk up the bathroom, these beliefs are from my parents’ beliefs and fears about money that I involuntarily inherited along the way from my childhood to my adult life.


At the moment,  I am waiting for Vacations To Go to come out with their singles hosted Mediterranean cruises for 2019, because I am anxious to book one. It should be any day now.