Dear Archangel Chamuel (Angel Of Love). Please work with me in my dreams tonight to unite me with my soul mate/my twin flame.  Please also continue to nurture the seeds of true love that were planted inside of me a few nights ago in my dreams. Thank you. I am grateful.


I traveled to Mexico, because a family member or close friend works in a resort there (vacation club). I am hoping to work there, but they did not hire me. I then travel  to Cabo San Lucas, because my mother (RIP) is working at Diamond Resorts. She is selling vacations. I am immediately hired; however, it actually feels like I already had the job when I arrived.

I am driving in a white car, and these two guys walk unexpectedly in front of my car. The guy on the left gets too close to my front bumper, and my car accidentally taps the back of his lower leg. He is wearing shorts, so I can see that a little  red mark appears instantly on the back of his lower leg. I stop the car to see if he is ok, but he insists that he is fine.

I am in a white car, and I turn left. I stop on the wrong side of the street (left). I decide I need to close the car door. I am not shutting it hard enough, because I am not satisfied with the way the door is closing. I am not putting enough strength into shutting the door hard.


I had never even heard of Diamond Resorts before I had this dream.  When I woke up, I googled Diamond Resorts, and I discovered that there is a Diamond Resort in Cabo San Lucas. I was actually in Cabo San Lucas about 1 year and 8 months ago on a singles cruise, but I do not have no plans returning, since my next trip is a Mediterranean singles cruise Could this dream be Prophetic? Time will tell.


The part about working at Diamond Resorts could be focusing on Diamonds. Diamonds remind me of a diamond ring, which in turn reminds me of love and the union between two people. I know a couple that meet in Cabo San Lucas for  romantic vacations every so often, and she always comes back so happy. I know driving in my dream represents that I am focused on my goals and what I want. In this case, it is my love life. There is some kind of healing and purification going on, because I am driving a white car.  In regards to the gentleman I tapped with my front bumper while I was driving, perhaps that was an introduction to a future soul mate; X marks the spot. The part of the dream in which I could not gather enough strength to shut the door, could mean that I am trying to shut the door on my past relationship issues. It is proving to be harder then I expected.


I definitely plan to continue my dream journey and dream programming with Archangel Chamuel tonight.


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