Last night, I decided to change up my mystical dream partners, and I called in God, my soul and the universe. I asked them to lift “the veil” that prevents me from seeing the beautiful gifts that  “these beautiful powers that be” have given me. I focused on feeling, seeing and experiencing my worthiness in receiving the gifts of love, prosperity, success, community, etc.

In my dream, “the powers that be” told me that I was making so many changes, but I could not see them. The next thing I know, I am in my car driving. A big giant hand comes out of nowhere and plants itself on my windshield and side windows blocking my view. I had to stop the car and remove the hand. Some people then took the giant hand back to their house to do something with it.


This dream was quite clear to me. The giant hand  represents my mother. She used to throw her hand in my face all the time (like talk to the hand) when she did not take my feelings, emotions and desires seriously. She did this so many times during my childhood. This was very traumatizing to me. When I was in my late 30’s, my parents were helping me move to a new home. Since my new condo was not going to be available for a few weeks, I was going to temporarily stay with my parents. I was a bit stressed out about going to stay with them. My mother  saw my prayer alter with my very special beautiful white candle that I would always pray with, and she tried to destroy my alter. She said I could not take “that” into their home.  I was pretty upset, and that is when she, once again, threw her hand in my face. I will never forget, I let out a blood curdling scream and fell to the floor. My father came running up from downstairs thinking something horrible had happened. It was me unexpectedly letting out everything that I had held inside from childhood of having my mother continuously throwing her hand in my face. Noone was going to take my belief in God away from me. My mother believed in God, but not praying to an alter.  That was the last time she ever threw her hand in my face again, because my blood curdling scream scared her. It scared me, because I did not know I had all that emotional “stuff” inside of me.  She then told me to go have a cup of tea. Whenever my mother would tell me to go have a cup of tea, that would mean she was taking me seriously.

“The Hand” represented by my mother throwing her hand in my face and the verbal abuse all through my childhood, was what was blocking me from seeing and experiencing all the beautiful gifts that the universe has given me due to my deep down fear of believing I am unworthy of God’s gifts. The people who took the hand home were taking her back to the afterlife.

I am so very grateful to  God, my soul and the universe for helping me see the light and the truth through my dreams.  I am so blessed to have such strong dream recall.

Dreams are an important part of my personal and spiritual growth, and as a Certified Dream Coach, I want you all to know that I am just like you going through the trials and tribulations of life right along with you all. I also would like all my blog readers to know that I share my blog with you, because it helps me to not hide from the truth. If my blog posts help one person then I am happy.  The meaning of dreams will be different for each individual person depending on what they have experienced in their own life. I do not believe a dream dictionary can interpret “everyones” dreams. This is where I come in, I coach you through your dreams to help you find your own inner light and your truth, and I also guide you into having excellent dream recall. I remember 90% of my dreams.