Linda Kaye, Psychic Medium & Dream Coach

I am blessed to be a dreamer. Yes, I dream every night, and I have taught myself how to have vibrant colorful clear dreams every night and how to remember my dreams. All you have to do is ask.  In a Dream Coaching session with me, I can guide YOU in learning how to program your dreams, how to remember your dreams and how to lucid dream for a specific issue, goal or desire. Once you allow yourself to dream on a regular basis, your dream recall and lucid dreaming will happen naturally for you. Your life will never be the same.

I am very grateful to a lovely woman named Kathie on facebook yesterday who read my dream recall from yesterday,  MY OVERCROWDED PAIN IN THE ASS DREAM, when I shared it in a private group that we are both in. She recommended a book to me called “The Emotion Code: How To Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundance Health, Love and Happiness” by Bradley Nelson.

Last night I programmed my dreams with my regulars, my Dream Doula and my Soul; and I added Archangel Raphael for healing.


Between the years 2000-2002, I went through some traumatic losses. One such loss was when I was a member of Glen Eden Sun Club, a very beautiful, very fun and very friendly California nudist club. I experienced 11 years of being connected, community and pure divine heaven. felt at the time that those  years there were the happiest years of my life. I literally felt like I was driving through the gates of heaven when I drove through the gates of Glen Eden every weekend. I felt so connected there. That first cup of coffee tasted like Heaven to me.  As a result of a woman who was harassing me there, the traumatic loss of a man that I loved and subsequently the group that we both hung out with, my feelings of being in Heaven there disappeared. All I was left with was a deep void, emotional grief, loss, sorrow and sadness plus IBS and Acid Reflex. I can no longer drink coffee.Two benign tumors in my left hip and my lower left back were discovered as well during that time.

When one door slams shut, another one opens, and in 2003, I moved to  Caliente Clothing Optional Resort in Florida before it was officially opened.  What a beautiful community!  I am divinely happy here. People come from all over the world to experience clothing optional vacation here, and I get to live here.  If I hadn’t experienced what  I experienced at Glen Eden, I would not be living here at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort.  I no longer think about the trauma, and I am over the love;  HOWEVER, my body has not been the same. I 100% believe that I have had trapped emotions in my stomach and in my lower left back where the tumor was removed. The pain in my lower left back can be intense at times. I once told my Chiropractor that it feel like gas (emotion) is trapped in my back, because that is what the pain feels like.


I asked my Dream Doula, my Soul and Archangel Raphael to work with me in my dreams last night to free me of the trapped emotions (deep emotional grief, pain loss, sorrow and sadness) from that traumatic experience at Glen Eden between the years of 2000-2002. I am aware that those trapped emotions are living  in my solar plexes, my stomach, my digestive system, my root chakra and my lower left back area where the surgery was. In my dream, there were stacks of boxes piled on top of each other in the dining room part of my condo. I call it a dining room, because I have a dining table and chairs there. The boxes were in the way and very overwhelming to me.  The curtains had turned into Towels laying side by side. In real life, I own my condo. In the dream, I thought I had bought it from this real estate woman. I misunderstood, and I had only rented it. The problem was that the woman thought that she had the divine right to sleep in my bedroom every night. There were suddenly two queen size beds side by side in my bedroom. She would come there at night and sleep there. I did not like it. She was noisy, and she would turn on the TV very loud. She would also be talking on the phone and working. At one point, she was outside with my front door wide open screaming and yelling at someone.  As a result, I was not getting much sleep. I was afraid to tell her that I did not want her there, because I thought she would tell me that I had to move out. I finally did tell her though that I didn’t want her there and to please leave.


I realize through this very clear and vivid dream that my trapped emotions-the feelings of deep emotional grief, pain, loss, sorrow and sadness-were in those boxes and that they are overcrowding my inner sacred space. I also realize that the woman who owned the condo in my dream was also the voice of my trapped emotions. Perhaps that is even the voice of the woman who harassed and bullied me at Glen Eden. Although in the dream, the woman did not look like her, I sense it was her.  The door being wide open with her screaming and just outside the door, is showing me that she is the voice and pain of my trapped emotions wanting to get noticed and get out of my body.  I am crying for her, my trapped emotions, to please leave. When I was in the space between sleep and being awake,  I asked my Dream Doula, my Soul and Archangel Raphael to help me get rid of the boxes that all my trapped emotions were in. The universe came down with a giant vacuum cleaner and sucked all that in. I actually felt the energy. I feel very light and peaceful right now.


Did I get it all?


Yes, people yelling, screaming and making noise right outside my door could and has on rare occasions has happened before, since I live in a resort where people vacation. OY!


My goal is to continue on my dream journey of releasing my trapped emotions from all times and areas of my life.