Linda Kaye
Love Psychic Medium & Certified Dream Coach

Last night, I programmed my dreams with God and Archangel Raphael. He had worked with me in my dreams about a week or so ago to guide me in knowing why my scalp was itching. Archangel Raphael showed me in my dreams that a part of it had to do with my laundry detergent and the cover I was using on the couch. Once, I remedied that, the itching disappeared. I had some powerful dreams the night before, and I woke up very nervous with my scalp itching again. This time I am pretty clear that there is some inner emotional work that I also have to do on myself.  I asked Archangel Raphael to help me to be able  to handle and accept the changes that are going on inside me, and to show me the emotional issues that are causing the itching..


In dream segment #1,  the gist of that dream segment was that I was being ostracized by everyone. I woke up around 4:30am to go to the bathroom, and then I went back to sleep.

In dream segment #2, I was awakened by 3 people who came to visit me. It felt so real as if they were really there. I know it was an Astral Visit. I was confused as to why they were there in my home so early in the morning. One of my visitors was a guy named Michael that I have not heard from in a long time.  I had hoped that we would start a relationship, and the other two visitors were a friend of mine who I met Michael through and her son.

She has also not heard from him in a long time.  I was embarrassed, because my hair was a mess, and I had no makeup on. I wanted to talk to them about my dream of being ostracized, but they were all doing their own thing. I look in my guest bathroom mirror, and there is a rash under my bottom lip. Michael is in my master bathroom, and he wants his phone. I find it, and I bring it into the bathroom. He is actually taking a shower in my shower, so I let him know that I am placing his phone on the  bathroom sink counter. My friend’s son is sleeping sitting up on the couch in his pajamas, and I do not know where his mom is. I have a whole bunch of TV remotes, but I don’t know which one belongs to my TV. I know I will recognize it by the mute button, but I have to find it first.


My feelings about these dreams are confusion about why these people showed up while I was sleeping and caught me off guard. I felt embarrassed that my hair was such a mess and that I had no make up on. I also felt sadness about being ostracized.

In speaking to my Dream Sister, Amy, this morning, she tells me that the rash right under my bottom lip in the dream represents my gut.  I do have stomach issues, and that could also contribute to an itchy scalp.  My hair dresser has told me the same thing. Amy recommended a specific herb, so I ordered it from Amazon this morning. The itching seems to have gone away today. Thank you God and Archangel Raphael.

The feelings of being ostracized to me is the feeling I get of feeling alone. I was married at 19 and divorced at 21. I have never remarried; although, I have been in relationships. I do get the feeling that Archangel Raphael is trying to tell me that being single and experiencing rejection has contributed to my stomach issues. I know he is right.

The mute button on the remote I find interesting. This gentleman, Michael, lives in another state and neither one of us have heard from him in almost a year. My friend says that she tried to call him about 9 months ago, but his number was disconnected. That is about the time that I last spoke to him. He had promised to fly down and take me to dinner. Could this be the mute button that I am trying to locate to  unmute him. The fact that he is taking a shower in my bathroom could mean that some kind of healing, cleansing and purifying is going on either with him or me or between us. I have not thought of him for awhile, but I feel like he definitely visited me in my dreams.

Another way to interpret this could be that Michael represents Archangel Michael, and that Archangel Michael is helping to cleanse and heal me (represented by the shower). The remote control could be that I am trying to control the issue that has been causing my itchy scalp, and I am trying to mute it. I am also wishing to change my situation of being single., and I am trying to quiet my mind.


I will continue to call in God and Archangel Raphael and ask to continue last night’s drream by doing dream reentry.


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