I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula last night. I asked her while I am sleeping and dreaming to help me to give birth to a new, expanded and unlimited version of myself.  In my dream, I went to India to work on the phone doing psychic readings. In real life that is what I do for a living. In fact, I was giving someone a phone reading in my dream. My cell phone already had unlimited minutes, so I was excited to find out that I had unlimited calling to and from India. I also remember a huge bulky shopping cart that was full in my dream, and that I needed help taking it up and down a few stairs.

I feel like this dream is helping me to open up to an unlimited version of myself. My mother was born in Burma and raised in India until she came to America in 1948. She passed away in August 2011. I am sensing from this dream that the communication lines could be opening between my mother and high and possible some healing and releasing could be going on between us.  This shopping cart was possible carrying and representing all the emotional burdens from my childhood.