Linda Kaye “Pink Chick”
Professional Psychic Psychic Medium & Certified Dream Coach

Last night, I continued on my dream journey, and I programmed my dreams with God and my Guardian Angel. I asked for their continued support, guidance and help in raising my vibration, so that I can go to a higher vibration of enlightenment in a surprising way that I will recognize. I also asked them to light my path to greater fulfillment in all areas of my life in a surprising way that I will recognize.


#1 In my dream, I am wearing pajamas, and it seems to me that I am sitting at some  outside bar by the water waiting for dates. There are tropical drinks on the bar and water all around me. It feels like I am on vacation. At the same time, it seems like I am also planning a trip far away and possible by the water.

#2  I see my parents. I am rearranging my address book. My brother’s address has changed, so I write it on an index card for my files.

#3   I suddenly and unexpectedly have to go to the bathroom. The  door is wide open in a public place, and I am pooping non stop with lots of people walking by. I feel so embarrassed and so exposed that I finally ask someone to shut the door.


#1  It certainly seems like I am ready and also ready to go on dates, and that I am ready to go on a tropical vacation. I am wearing pajamas, which shows me that  I am astral traveling to my desired tropical vacation while I am sleeping and dreaming. I don’t wear pajamas in real life. Could this be a  psychic dream (precognitive)? Let’s hope so. It also seems like I am planning on going on a far away trip. I’m ready.

#2.  Our addresses and our homes are our mindset.  Could this be a future psychic prediction (precognitive)  that my brother’s mind set will change , and that we will get closer?  I hope so.

#3  I am sensing that I doing a lot of dumping and releasing of  a ton of negative emotions, fears, insecurities,  and even negative beliefs in this part of the dream.  Being that I was not expecting to dump so much, the door was wide open. I feel   embarrassed and exposed, so now everyone knows what has been hidden way inside the core of my being, but I have to dump it in order to go to an even higher vibration.


My soul and I are yearning to cruise; however, since I did a ton of traveling, cruising and taking educational workshops last year, my finances prefer that I wait until 2018.  I am feeling frustrated and sad. I know a lot of people who can travel at the drop of a hat.  My soul and I yearn to be able to travel at the drop of a hot. My soul and I are yearning for romance as well and a higher wealth frequency.


Absolutely! I believe I had a psychic dream when it appeared that I was astral traveled to my tropical destination and marking my spot at the bar.


I will continue to work with God and my Guardian Angel for raising my vibration and for lighting my path to achieving my goals and dreams. I will also include my Soul into tonight’s dream journey.