Last night, I programmed my dreams with Pluto, Lakshmi and Ganesh for removing the blockages within me from childhood that prevent me from feeling worthy and that give me a feeling of being deprived. I am grateful for everything that my current dream team has done for me to far, and I always let them know.

Before I went to sleep and programmed my dreams, I watched a Hallmark movie about a 34 year old woman who goes back in time to meet her 17 year old self. The memory of my dream is getting mixed up with the Hallmark Movie I watched. The woman was given some kind of “special” champaign, and when she woke up she was sleeping beside her 17 years old self. She  tried to change the past by helping her 17 year old self to not make the same mistakes she did. In the end, she knew that she had to allow things to unfold the way they were supposed to and that things were not the way that she had interpreted it. She learned that her best friend, a guy, had always been in love with her since they were children. She had been estranged from her parents (particularly her mother) since she got to legal age to live on her own. When she woke up from that “dream”, she flew out to California (from New York) on Christmas day to reunite with her family, and the guy was there too. Of course, like all Hallmark movies, there was a happy ending.

My dream had to do with making choices and with luggage, which obviously is my emotional baggage from the past. I remember 3 or 4 big round buttons to push, and I know that one of the buttons was red and one was green. I tell you this, I feel very much at peace this morning, because I feel like I resolved something in my dreams last night. I have certainly come along way from my 17 year old self who felt deprived and unworthy of whatever the universe had to offer her. Did I push the right button? Yes I feel I did.  For me, green meant YES go ahead and live your life prosperously. Red, to me, means stop all my inner bullshit. Realistically, I realize that I cannot change my past; however, I can instill new core beliefs within myself, which will reflect my choices from today on.