As many of you know, I am a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner and Coach. I am also a psychic medium. Last night, my friend and dream partner, Amy, and I were on the phone discussing what we wanted to work on and who each of us was going to program into our dreams. I was telling her that it does not matter how much or how little money I have, because everyday I worry about someday not having enough. I know where it came from in this lifetime, but I have often wondered which past life I brought into this lifetime that had to do with wealth and/or poverty. Since childhood, I have been acutely aware of a specific past life in which I was an evil woman who used her powers of persuasion with men and her beauty and used them for their money. A few months ago, in a workshop while in a past life group meditation, she came to me and we made amends. I knew that that past lifetime is not effecting me anymore.

Amy is also a medium and dream coach (like me), and last night while we were on the phone she tapped into a couple of my past lives. In one past life, she saw that I was a wealthy man who lost everything, and in another lifetime she saw that I was a wealthy woman born into wealth with a husband and children.  I decided that I was going to tap into that past life as a wealthy woman in my dreams, so that I could bring that wealth energy into this lifetime and raise my wealth frequencies.

Amy suggested, and I liked the idea, of programming my dreams with Osiris, Egyptian God of the Underworld and the Afterlife. He was also known for granting all life. I also programmed Venus into my dreams. She was the Roman Goddess of love, beauty, desire, sex fertility, prosperity and victory. Since Amy had just connected to my past lives, I programmed her into my dreams as well. This is something we have done for eachother on occasion.

I woke up in the middle of night (in the middle of my dreams) with horrible gas pains in my lower stomach (sacral chakra). I got up, took something for it and went back into dreamland and the same dream.

I dreamed of two cities being born into one city. Actually, there was water between the two cities, and I was witnessing the process of connecting the two cities. Something was being built that would connect the two cities. It felt like a connection bridge. I then see that I am living in a huge mansion. While dreaming, I am aware of my present life, but I am in that past life in my dream. The maid asked me if I would like her to make my bed. I said yes. She started to make it, got distracted, but came back in the evening to complete the making of my bed. I was thinking that I could have done it myself already. The next thing I know, in another room (the parlor perhaps), I can hear a woman screaming that it was her birthday, and she always gets upset on her birthday. She is throwing and breaking things. They were very expensive antiques (dark in color). I did not want to get something thrown at me, so I stayed clear. I found a box of stuff and was going through it. Someone told me that it was not mine, but I told that person that the pictures were mine. They were pictures of my past. At one point, I saw a beautiful glowing blue Angel in my dream hovering in the parlor. I also saw a glowing orange light.


WOWZA! I certainly went into a wealthy past life of mine, which was me witnessing the joining of two cities.Actually, the bridge being built was between my current lifetime and my past lifetime. I believe that the severe gas pains last night that I experienced in my sacral chakra was me releasing my fear of running out of money. I am aware that the gas pains started in the joining of my past lifetime and my current lifetime. The glowing orange light was a healing energy for me for my sacral chakra. The beautiful glowing blue Angel is showing me that I am being watched over in my dream, and I feel like she is there as part of my healing and transformation.  I feel the woman screaming and breaking things is me destroying the memory of  of those negative beliefs about money that I have been carrying in my soul. For me, finding pictures of the past is me releasing the past. In this dream, I truly believed that I reclaimed my destiny. Time will tell.


I have a Miracle Box on my dream alter in my bedroom. I have many many hopes, dreams, desires and prayers written on little folded pieces of paper in my Miracle Box. I pick one every morning; and if I pick one two or three days in a row, I know that whatever I picked will manifest. This morning, immediately when I woke up, I picked “Thank you God, for all the work that I am doing in my dreams is totally paying off. I am making a huge amount of progress in releasing the past”. This message showed me that a miracle happened last night in my dreams.

Thank you God, Osiris, Venus and Amy. I am so blessed and grateful to you.