Last night, I programmed my dreams with God, my spirit guides and my angels. I asked them to work with me in my dreams while I am sleeping to give even more power to my prayers for love, happiness, fullfillment, enlightenment and prosperity in the book “Illuminata” by Marianne WIlliamson. I also asked them to help me with remembering my dreams. I have had this book for 15 years; and on occassion I have done her prayers. They are quite powerful, and they work.


I woke up quite abrubtly at 11:45pm, and I experienced a sudden pop (as if I was coming back into my body). Here is the dream. Someone (me) was praying, and this woman was looking for the person who prayed. She was asking everyone if they knew who prayed, because my prayers changed the outcome of something that she was planning. Even though I knew it was me that prayed, I chose not to say anything. I actually did not see the color blue (powder to medium blue), but I was seeing the words “the color blue” in this segment of the dream.

My Dream Interpretation

It means that my prayers are working and going out to the universe. Everything is going according to God’s plan. When I pray, it not only changed things for me personally, but it can effect outcomes of situations and even thoughts and vibrations of people, things and situations  that are around me. I feel like the woman looking for who was praying was actually my mother, because of the sudden way I woke up. Although I did not say anything, I still feel that I am showing courage in standing up for my own personal way of praying and to the way I am living my life (which was completely different from her way).

According to Denise Linn’s book, “The Hidden Power Of Dreams, dreams between 11pm and 1am have to do with unresolved anger, and should be confronted in my dreams.

My energy is changing, and my connection to God is getting stronger. Feeling, but not actually seeing the color blue, means to me that God, my spirit guides and the angels are working behind the scene in guiding me through my prayers.


I woke up right around 6am from the following dreams: My brother and sister in law seemed like they were on drugs. It was as if they were in a daze and their eyes were almost closed.  I was worried about them, and I wanted to help them. In the midst of all of this, my best friend, Donna, went and laid on my balcony in the sun. At the same time, someone wanted me to either pray, meditate or dream for her.

My Dream Interpretation

I am not close to my brother and sister in law at all. I feel that this part of the dream has a double meaning to me.  I try to be open with them, but it feels like they do not see ME or take me seriously. They are closed to me. I also cannot help wondering, however, if this dream is about me being on thyroid medication. I told the doctor’s office yesterday that the dose was too high, and that the current dose is making me feel wierd in my head. I am wanting them to lower the dose. Donna lying in the sun means to me that I will see the light at the end of the tunnel with my thyroid medication and perhaps with my brother and sister in law. Someone asking me if I would pray, meditate or dream for her means to give it to God, and that it will get straightened out.

According to Denise Linn’s book  “The Hidden Power Of Dreams”,  dreams between 5am and 7am have to do with things that are cluttering up or clogging up my life. It is a time for processing the information and experiences that I gathered during the day.


These cards were developed by Collette Baron Reid. The first card I picked is “Truth Be Told”. It is saying to always be in my truth, to be transparent and for me not to hide “me”. The second card I picked is called “Chop Wood”. It means for me to continue to work on myself, and that I am doing the right thing by giving it all to God. Eventually, I will get my ah ha moments. The third card I picked is “Flexible”.  This means for me to stay open to all possibilities to how my prayers will be answered. For me, it means to expect the unexpected, and to allow things to unfold naturally.