Pink Chick Psychic And Dream Coach

I have combined my dream journeys for the last two nights in this blog post. I have been working with Kathy Waits, a fabulous Emotion Code Practitioner to work on removing my Wealth Walls. She worked on me a little bit on Tuesday night remotely, and then she worked on me approximately 4 hours yesterday also remotely by  using the Body Code and muscle testing on me to determine what needs to be removed and cleared.


Two nights ago, I programmed my dreams by calling in my healing angels, archangels and my Guardian Angels  for the continuation of removing my wealth & abundance walls in a surprising way that I will recognize. I also asked my chosen dream guides  to guide me in the direction that is for my highest and best good in all aspects of my life in the most surprising ways that I will recognize.

Last night, I programmed my dreams with my angels setting my intention for my angels to guide me and light my path  in the direction that is for my highest and best good in all aspects of my life  in the most surprising way that I will recognize. I asked for their messages to be loud and clear.


Night 1 (Tuesday night) -I dreamed that I was getting my body worked on, and that I was being healed. I also dreamed  that I really liked this guy, but this other woman really liked him too. She was occupying most of his time even though they were not actually in a relationship together. He was very much aware of me.

Night 2 (Last night) I had a strange dream in which I was in a big group setting. I really liked this one guy. For some reason, I decided to get naked and went out to be with everyone. I was lying down on a chair, and I was the only one naked.  I was aware of the fact that I was naked, but I was not embarrassed or afraid I did not see him in the dream though. I was NAKED AND NOT AFRAID.


Night 1 –  I strongly believe that this dream had to do with healing my body. Kathy has done some work on me the night before.  The second part of the dream in which I really liked someone who was being pursued by someone could be someone who I do not know yet who could be  coming into my life,  but he is not quite detached yet or ready to enter my life. This also might be from something similar that happened to me 17 years ago, and that I am being healed from it.

Night 2 – I live in a clothing optional resort, so it is most likely to come true. There’s that guy I really like again.  I can’t help but wonder if this group and this guy that I really like are not nudists, and that this might be a future prediction.


Night 1 – Thrilled that my body is being healed, but at the same time a little upset that I liked someone who was being pursued by someone else. I understand that this could be my past from 17 years ago, which caused me to have a major broken heart. My how time flies.

Night 2 – Curious about the guy that I like in the dream. Wondering if  this is a psychic prediction for someone I am about to meet.


Could the first night’s dream guy be the past, and last night’s be the future or are they the same guy?


To continue to work with my healing angels in my dreams and while I am awake for moving forward in my life in all aspects of my life. I will continue to repeat the following Tony Robbins affirmation “God’s wealth is circulating in my life. His wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All my needs, goals and desires are met instantaneously for I am one with God and God is everything”.


I am very grateful to my angels for assisting Kathy Waits in removing my wealth walls. I have also worked with her in removing trapped emotions and my heart walls. If I can figure out just how to do muscle testing and the right method for me to use in muscle testing, I would take the the Emotion Code Certification Coarse by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It would be a wonderful addition to my psychic work, my dream coaching and my reiki healings.

UPDATE  10/12/17- At the beginning of July I began dating a man who one morning after a beautiful night of passion posted on facebook “I’M NAKED AND NOT AFRAID”.  I definitely had a precognitive dream.