July makes it a year since I have been programming my dreams every single night. I have grown by leaps and bounds, and I have made some tremendous paradigm shifts in doing so. I blog my dreams in order to show people how to change their lives. The best thing I ever did was take that Dream Certification course in Santa Fe for becoming a Gateway Dream Practitioner/Coach. Being a psychic medium as  been my passion for over 30 years. Dreaming is also my passion, and I am here to serve you as your dream coach. www.dreamgoddesscoaching.com.

For the last couple of nights, I have programmed my dreams with God and Archangel Raphael to heal the blockages within me, so that I can get some really good industrial sleep for at least 8 hours. I also asked them to please make sure I remember the messages and healing that I receive while I sleep that I remember in my dreams.



Night 1 – Brief Dream Segment #1 – Mean looking black cat looking up at me. I  stood my ground, and I was not attacked.
Night 1 – Brief Dream Segment #2 – A woman asked me to play a game with a purse. She asked me if I can open the zipper without a problem. I opened the zipper without a problem.


Night 2 – Segment #1 – I was going to walk across a very big wide street. There are no cars coming, and the street is completely empty. I feel afraid and exposed at the thought of crossing such a big wide street without protection. I opt not to cross there. I walk further down the street, and I realize that I am naked. I decide to pretend that I am wearing clothes, so people would see what I want them to see. I come upon a lot of people on the sidewalk and the curb playing ball. The street was crowded. Although I knew I was naked, I felt safer there.


Night 2 – Segment #4 – There are two men. I kiss the first one. Later, I kiss the second man, and it is a very emotional and romantic kiss. It feels real.  We are walking and kissing. We definitely have a love connection. I told him something about the first man, and he immediately becomes curious and is asking a lot of questions about the first guy.



There were more to my dreams, but I am very clear that God and Archangel Raphael only wanted me to remember what was important. As far as the mean looking cat, he did not attack me. I stood my ground, and it turned out ok.

Unzipping the purse smoothly and with no problems is just showing me that nothing is stopping me from accepting all the abundance that the universe has for me.

I have had a lot of dreams about crossing the street. Usually in those dreams my legs get paralyzed, and it takes me forever to cross the street. This time, I examined how wide the street was, and I realized that I would have felt too exposed and vulnerable crossing that street. Yes there was fear in crossing that big wide street, so I decided to cross  somewhere  else where I feel safe and where I feel supported. I am naked, so that tells me as a nudist I feel safe and comfortable in my own environment.   To me, this is about making a paradigm shift, and accepting my life the way it is.

Kissing a man so strongly means to me that I connected with my future soul mate. We have kissed before in my dreams in recent months, so I am excited that he is on his way. This felt like love, and not like past relationships that did not measure up like he does.



I will continue to ask for industrial sleep (which I need), and to continue asking for healing and to remember what is important for me to remember.