Last night, once again, I programmed my dreams  with Cupid and Archangel Raphael to prepare me for my future soul mate by making me more spiritually, emotionally and sexually available, and for me to attract a spiritually, emotionally and sexually available man into my life. I asked them to remove blockages to connecting with a soul mate and forming a long term relationship.

I woke up out of my dream state around 5:30am this morning. The parts that I remember from my dreams last night are that I decided that I was not going to put up with bullshit from men anymore. If they play games with me, I am done with them. If they leave out important information about themselves, and they want me to guess, I am done with them. One guy called me in my dream, but he would not say who he was. He wanted me to guess. The truth is that I pretty much know who he was. It was someone named Tony. Because he would not say his name and wanted me to guess, I blew him off. I felt like he was playing major head games with me. In real life, a guy named Tony played major head games with me a number of years ago, so I cut him out of my life. I won’t allow him into my world anymore. I know from the depths of my soul that I deserve better.

Dreams between 5am and 7am have to do with things/situations that are clogging up my life and dreams concerning the past.

I picked a card from the Wisdom Of The Oracle Card Deck just now, and it is the card called NEVER ENDING STORY. It is telling me that it is time to begin a new story for myself about relationships, and that I need to forgive myself for telling myself the old ones.

I also drew to the Oracle Of The Mermaids Deck. I felt that the cards had a message for me. The first card that I picked was THE RETURN OF APHRODITE. That to me is reminding me that her Goddess energy lives inside me, and that I deserve love and intimacy in the most sacred ways. It is a time of being reborn into my sensual self and all that I am as a woman-my yoni, my breasts, my hips, everything. The second card that I picked is called IMRAMMA. It is saying that there will soon be a great voyage for me where I travel over water to come to a place in my soul that I long to journey to. This is called an Imramma, which to me is also an inner healing journey of the soul, which I am currently experiencing through my dreams and through the workshops I took last year (particularly the dream certification workshop. It is true though, because I am going on a nudist takeover of a Carnival Cruise Ship in exactly 30 days from now. I have not been on one of those cruises for a few years, so I know it is going to be wonderful. The third card I picked is called HOMELAND. For me, it is telling that I am coming home to myself and discovering the me that has been hidden for so long.