Dear  God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel.   Please continue to guide me and direct me in my dreams tonight in helping  me to make a paradigm shift from  a limited, scarcity and unworthy belief paradigm to an abundance and worthy belief paradigm,  so that I can manifest the permanent relationship of my dreams with the soul mate of my dreams and the prosperous life of my dreams in the physical world. Please show me in my dreams how to manifest it.


In my dream, I am with a girlfriend of mine who I met through going on singles cruises (for real). We are at a social event, and some guy was yelling and screaming in anger and in anguish and completely having a melt down.  We decide to leave to get away from his melt down, and go to the singles event next door. I put on this outfit, but it looked goofy in the mirror. She decided to go ahead of me to the singles event, so I could change my clothes into something that I felt better in. There are a lot of singles event envelopes to choose from on the wall. I made the choice, and I picked the envelope that had me paying $35 to get into this singles event.


In early October of 2018, I had a dream about a guy that I had known for years (for real), but  had lost touch with 7 years before. In the dream, he was screaming in anguish and having a melt down. The next thing I know we are kissing. When I woke up, I knew I had to call him. We then had a short brief relationship, and I discovered that he was not the same guy I knew 7 years before. He was struggling, and it was difficult to be around him. I let him go, and I moved on knowing that I could not let him bring me down to his repressed level. I have been on a couple of singles cruises since then.  I feel like not being happy with how I looked in the mirror in the clothes that I chose to wear and then changing them means that I am doing a lot of work/shifts within myself and actually making  paradigm shifts from the old me to the new me. It also represents self love. When I was ready to leave for the singles event,  I picked an envelope. When I looked inside, it said that the singles event would be $35. Angel number 35 is showing me that I will be going through some major changes in my life that they are necessary in order for me to have  a great future. Whatever changes that I am about to make, I am being told that the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels are assisting me in this transformation. They are saying to trust that once these positive changes take affect  I  will find that many new opportunities for a loving relationship and a prosperous life presenting themselves to me.

In reality, I just came off a singles cruise a couple of weeks ago, and I am going to a huge singles cruise reunion in Nashville in May. I also have several other singles cruises booked.