Last night, I programmed my dreams with Mihael, the Angel of lasting love and soul mates.  I asked Mihael to guide me to my soul mate. I dreamed that twice a day the “powers that be” had to see a garter (like a band) either around my ankle or my thigh. I chose to wear a hot pink garter on my thigh. One of the times that the ‘powers that be” had to see the hot pink garter was at 2:53 o’clock.  At one point, an Asian woman gave me a gift of what looked like a pair of flat shoes (off white).

My interpretion of this dream starts with the hot pink garter. To me, the hot pink garter has two meanings. I feel like there is a sexual and sensual meaning, because I am wearing a hot pink garter.  Since the garter is pink, there is love there.  For me, the other meaning is a union of lovers/soulmates in marriage. I am wearing a long white dress, and the hot pink garter is underneath my dress. The angel  number 253 in my dream is telling me that I am about to experience huge  changes in my life, and they are in line with my true passions. I felt love and acceptance from the woman giving me the gift of the shoes, because it felt like a marital gift to go with the dress. Angel number 2  is telling me to trust in the angels and Universal Energies, because the answers to my prayers are manifesting for me, even though it may not be obvious just yet.

To be honest, I am not looking to remarry; however, I am definitely looking for a loving and committed forever union with my soul mate and of course  sexual bliss.  Thank you Mihael.