Last night, I programmed my dreams with the mermaids of the sea and my soul mate. I asked them while I was sleeping and dreaming to prepare me for my soul mate and to make sure I was ready for him. I also asked my soul mate to introduce himself to me in my dreams.  I always ask every night when I am programming my dreams for whoever I call in to give me bright vivid vibrant dreams in which the messages are clear to me, and especially when I wake up. I am very lucky and very blessed to have excellent dream recall. My dream recall rate is about 90ish+. I dream every night, and it is rare for me to wake up with no dream recall.


In my dreams, I was getting ready for a blind date I met through the computer. We were going out to dinner. I believe I was staying in a hotel. I got dressed up, and he arrived. He looked short and bald to me. That is perfectly fine, since I am short and NOT bald. In the dream I was thinking and also relieved that he would not be attracted to this one friend of mine, because she is tall. We were sitting on the edge of the bed, and he asked me if I liked to hike. I said no I am not a hiker and that I do not even like to work out.  He suddenly got upset when I said I do not like to hike. He abruptly got up, and said he was going to find someone else to go to dinner with due to the fact that I do not hike. He then turned into someone I used to date 2 1/2 years ago who was tall and quite handsome. I am pretty sure he was angry for showing up in my dream.  I told him Fuck You in the dream.

Dream Interpretation

Unfortunately, I was not clear enough when I asked my soul mate to come into my dreams. I should have asked for a new soul mate connection to come in. I dated this man about 2 1/2 years ago (wow time flies) that I met on an online dating site.  I felt like he was my twin flame, because he literally seemed like the male version of me.  At the time, I thought one of my girlfriends was flirting with him, and it caused a huge argument between her and I. My relationship with him ended abruptly and in a very strange way. He emailed me and told me (out of the blue) that he was flying this woman out from Florida for the week that he met on line, so he could F her. He would, however,  see me for the weekend. I told him goodbye. At the time I was upset, but I have been over him for a long time. I am disappointed that he came into my dream, and I get the distinct vibe that he was pretty angry for showing up in my dream. Tonight, I will be more specific and ask for a new soul mate connection who is for my highest and best good and who would make me happy and feel fullfilled; someone who is more permanent. Hotels are temporary.


I am actually staying somewhere like a hotel. The hotel rooms were not inside. They were outside like in a courtyard. I went to my room, and there was a man sitting and smoking a cigar right outside my window. My room  had window frames, but with no screen and no glass in it. It was wide open. I hugged the guy, and I asked him quite sweetly and nicely if he could put out the cigar. He said no. I was not happy with him saying no, but I went inside. My computer was sitting on edge of the window. I wanted to block the cigar smoke, so I pulled some kind of heavy shade over the window. It blocked him and his cigar smoking out.

My Dream Interpretation

For me, the dream might have been another Fuck You. I do not smoke, and I am not a fan of cigarettes or cigars.  Although he did not look like the guy I used to date, I felt like that is who he was. The hotel represented him being a temporary relationship.  This man I dated did not smoke in real life. I wanted him away from my window and my sight, so I pulled the shade down to block him out. Yes, I did that in real life in my own way, which I will not specify here in this blog post. He is gone. Good bye.


A few nights ago, I also had a dream about another lost soul connection, so I feel like my dreams are helping me to close the door and pull the shade down on my past, so I can have a bright new future filled with love. Who knows how many more dreams I will have, before I am proclaimed ready and renewed for new love. Right now, I am doing lots of releasing.


The first card I picked is called THE RETURN OF APHRODITE. It is reminding me that it is time for me to be reborn into my sensual self, and it is time for a relationship. I have been alone for too long (2 1/2 years). The second card that I picked is AIR.  That means to me that I am proclaiming my divine right to bring new life into myself and to breathe in this new life. For me, I have always felt that being in love is like air flowing through my heart. The third card that I picked is called THE SELKIE AND HER SKIN. In my interpretation, it is saying that this is the time for me to be free, and I know what that means for me. I am freeing myself of the emotional burdens I have been carrying from childhood that keep me from being my true authentic self.

I love programming my dreams every night. I have gained so much insight, and my experiences in the dream world have been healing and enlightening. As a Certified Dream Goddess Dream Coach, I can work with you in interpreting your dreams, show you how to increase your dream recall and how to program your dreams.