Dear Archangel Raziel and Archangel Raphael.  Tonight while I am sleeping and dreaming,  please continue working with me in breaking my past life vows of celibacy and solitude, so that I can get into a loving, sexual and romantic relationship with a soul mate.  Also please continue to work in helping me to break free of my past life vows of poverty. Please help me to remember the healing work that I receive from you in my dreams tonight.   Thank you. I am grateful.


I dreamed I was in the same area where my mom and brother were. They were having Thanksgiving dinner, and they did not invite me even though they knew I happened to be in the area. They did, however, invite Oprah WInfrey. I was standing out on the street  where my mother and brother were having dinner, and I met Oprah. I told her that I was going to get to hear and see Lisa Nichols speak at Celebrate Your Life in Chicago in June. She asked me what Celebrate Your Life was, so I told her. I went somewhere else for dinner, but then I brought my desert back to the house with a dirty fork. I then replaced it with a clean fork from the house while they were still at dinner. At the same time, I told my brother and mother how upset I was that they did not invite me to dinner even though I am a relative. At some point, I ran into my brother in a play dressed as a woman. When he realized I saw him, he was embarrassed. Someone gave me a bunch of bottles of hair products, but only one was good enough and strong enough for my hair. At one point, I almost went the wrong way down a one way street. I corrected myself. 


I will be attending Celebrate Your Life in Chicago in June. Celebrate Your Life is where I go to grow, learn and transform. I will be taking workshops from some of the most famous teachers and visionaries.  Lisa Nichols will be one of the speakers there. She is a millionaire entrepreneur, a best-selling author, a humanitarian and a motivational speaker. Of course we all know who Oprah is.


My mother passed in August, 2011. I had issues in childhood in which she never wanted to spend money. I felt that money was being withheld from me, so in my younger adult years I spent money like it was a drug. Now that I am in my 60’s, all these years later, I wished I had done things differently. I am more conscious of saving money now and I am more responsible with money. The brother and I that don’t get along, we rarely talk (mostly in text). I think him dressing up as a woman in my dream is his envy. His perception is that I got more attention then he did when we were growing up.  He was the executor of the will, but was unexpectedly very fair and very honest with both my brother and me, and he did what he was supposed to do in a very timely manner even though my mother was afraid that he would not be fair. 

I think it might be a precognitive dream in which I could get something really powerful out of the Celebrate Your Life weekend. Oprah is a millionaire who went from extreme poverty to great wealth, and for that matter so did Lisa Nichols. Perhaps the answers and the key to opening up the door to more prosperity could come from the Celebrate Your Life workshops that I will be taking in June. At the same time, there is definitely some really good meat in this dream for me to digest. The meat of the dream to me is Oprah, and the powerful and prosperous woman that she has become.  Her hanging with my family could mean that this a healing dream when it comes to my past life and present life vows of poverty. Perhaps she is working on recreating the family dynamic from my childhood.  The dirty fork and then getting a clean fork, well that could mean that the family dynamic is being healed. The hair products for me is a symbol of strength and empowerment within me.  I am getting stronger for sure.  Going the wrong way down the street and then correcting myself means to me that my dream guides are guiding me in the direction I need to go in.

Thank you my dream guides, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel, for the healing work on me in last night’s dream journey. I am grateful.