I originally posted this blog post on September 24 the very night of a breakup with someone, but I have decided to post it at the top of my blog to remind me that love and connection are possible for me. Today, I yearn for connection more then anything.

For many years, I embraced the “Separate Spaces” theory for couples living together. I have always told friends and the men in my life that if I ever lived with anyone (which seemed highly unlikely to me) that  we would have to have a big home where we had separate bathrooms and then “our bedroom” and then his and her bedrooms for space.  I have been saying this for years, because of all the years of the lack of connection I felt in relationships. I recently said it to this last man I was dating. I realized after saying it  that this didn’t ring true for me in my heart, mind, body and soul anymore, and that I no longer embraced the “separate spaces” idea of separation in living together.  The truth is that the moment it came out of my mouth I was sorry I said it. This “seemingly” incredible man who inspired the feeling of connection in me helped me to realize that having separate spaces no longer made  sense to me. No wonder I stayed alone. I feared connection. NOW,  I want to ALWAYS feel the connection to a man that I feel a deep connection to. True intimacy and connection includes falling asleep with someone and waking up in the morning with him beside me.  I desire to have connection more then ever now that I have have allowed myself to connect in a way I have never experienced before. I know that now that I desire that connection that someone will come to me who deeply desires to be in a connected relationship with me as much as I want it with him. It will be a connection where he won’t and I won’t have to always wonder what’s out there (what we’re missing). I will be enough for him, and he will be enough for me.  Maybe God wanted to show me how much I had grown. Maybe this man that he brought into my life was a stepping stone to something even more special then what I had with this last guy.

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