The Eyes Are The Mirror To our soul

All Souls are psychic, because we are born with a Psychic Soul. Our Souls know each other; and when we walk into a room full of strangers, our Souls recognize each other from lifetimes past. Our souls are not strangers.  This is why when we meet or see a stranger, we either get repelled by them and immediately put our guard up or we feel a deep divine connection to them where they become irrisistible to us. We are divinely remembering what we experienced with that stranger who is not actually a stranger. Our Souls recognize each other through our eyes and through the energy of that soul. Perhaps they were our mother, father, sibling, lover,  an abusive husband, etc. in a past life. Our Souls know. Our Souls go from lifetime to lifetime recognizing and  connecting  with other souls, and our souls are powerful, ancient and limitless perhaps going back millions of years, and they have so much incredible powerful wisdom to share with us. Imagine how many lovers and orgasms our souls have had lifetime to lifetime! When we make love to someone, our souls are making love and remembering….

Those of us who have chosen to connect with our psychic souls  are the “chosen ones”.  We are the lucky ones who made a divine decision at birth to connect in a powerful way with our Psychic Souls. We must not be negligent of our  abilities to psychically connect with eachother nor should we hide with our head in the sand to avoid connecting to our Psychic Souls.  It is our divine right to exercise and experience our Psychic Souls.  We are meant to be psychic.

Meditating is a powerful way to connect with our souls. While meditating, ask your soul if he/she has any messages for you; and then just let go and allow the energy to flow through you. If you are afraid of your Psychic Soul, while you meditate, ask your Soul why the fear?

I have known my soul’s past lives since childhood, and I became aware that I have had a psychic soul around the age of 21. As a psychic medium, and soul communicator.  I have the divine ability to read your soul and your soul mate, lover or ex lover’s soul to see what they are feeling and thinking. As a Certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader, I will read your soul to see what messages your soul has for you.

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