I was very tired when I went to bed last night,  so I programmed my dreams with the angel of sleeping and dreaming. I asked HER to help me to sleep deeply uninterrupted throughout the night. I also asked if there were any important messages that SHE had for me to please help me to remember the dreams very clearly, but not to disturb my sleep. I woke up this morning just before 7 having slept through the night uninterrupted. Here were my dreams:

In my first dream, I went to get a Keritan treatment on my hair, so that it would smooth out the frizz. This particular treatment would last longer.  I do get Keritan treatments, and I am planning on having another Keritan treatment in January. That segment of my dream could have a double meaning. It could just mean that things in my life are being smoothed out, but it could be taking longer then expected.

In my second dream,  I was talking to one of the speakers (Wendy)  at a metaphysica/new age event that I was attending, and all of a sudden my bottom and top teeth locked together, and my teeth got too big for my mouth. I had to really struggle to get my mouth and my teeth back into alignment. It happened several times when I was talking to her.

My interpretation is that I feel like I am processing a lot.  I believe there are  an overload of words, thoughts, information and  messages crowding me. I program my dreams every night, and I honestly can say that I remember 90% percent of my dreams.  I have been processing a lot of dreams.  Yesterday I was completely exhausted from a dream I woke up from in the middle of the night the night before. I  did  not sleep the rest of the night, because ideas for writing my book were flowing through me at the speed of light (so to speak). 

I know for myself that when I program my dreams with the Angels, Archangels, Mythical Gods and Goddesses, Ascended Masters, etc., that  it is important to limit the number I call in to not more then 2. If I program my dreams withl  more then 2, my sleep gets disturbed, and my dreams are intense. Some people can handle  programming their dreams with more than 2, but not me. The night before, I had called in God, my Higher Self, my soul and my angels. Calling in my soul was powerful, and my soul had a ton of messages for me about the book I am writing. If I program my dreams with my soul again, my soul will be the only one I call in for my dreams for that particular night.

In my third dream, I was talking to a different event speaker also sitting behind a long table. He was very tall. He was a  Jewish American man who spoke Hebrew, so I tried to speak a little Hebrew with him. I told him that since it has been over 40 years since I have been to Israel, I could not remember how to speak it except to say “Where is the bathroom?” in Hebrew. He had a beard and glasses.  It is funny, because that is when I woke up to go to the bathroom.