My dreams are like a puzzle being unraveled. Last night, in continuation of my dreams from the night before (see 3/5 blog  post), I programmed my Dream Doula and my Soul into my dreams. I asked to go back into the dream about the meeting in Vegas from the night before. I asked to find out more about this meeting, and for me to have the courage to attend this meeting and to see myself attending the meeting. I am aware that the meeting is to connect with  love, prosperity and success. My goal is to to be open, receptive and committed to love, prosperity and success, to totally be in alignment with my goals and desires  and to accept love, success and prosperity in the physical form.

I am rushing around in the dream getting ready to go to these people’s house to spend the night. It is taking me a long time to get ready, and I cannot figure out what to wear. I feel rushed  and I am  trying very hard to get ready, but apparently I am slow. These people, who I strongly believe are represented by my Dream Doula and my Soul,  keep telling me that I have until 7:00. At this point, I am not only in the original place that I started out in;  I am also at my destination point. Some of my clothes are at my original destination,  and some of my clothes are at the place that I am spending the night at. It feels like my Dream Doula and my soul are bringing me clothes from my closet to try on. Finally after changing so many times, I decided on my pink and blue long maxi dress, and I have the perfect flowers for my hair. I also decide on the dress that I will wear for the next day, a pink and orange dress.

Suddenly, while putting on my pink and blue dress, I decide that I have to run through the streets looking for something.  My dress was not all the way on, and it needed to be zipped up, so someone on the street helped me to zip it up. I am wearing my low heeled black shoes, and I am running through the streets. The shoes are falling apart, and part of the shoe keeps slipping out. I have a strong sense that it is the sole of my shoe. I keep pushing it back in. I have a sense that my soul is frustrated at this point and ready to check out from this dream. I did not have time to find a shoe maker, because I had until 7:00 to be ready, so when I got to my destination, I changed into my pink heels.  All I need to do is put on my makeup. I am reminded again that I have until 7pm, and these people are anxious for me to be ready. I suddenly notice that there is a hole in the pipes next to the sink, and water is spewing out. Obviously, it needs to be fixed.  At this point, I wake up.

I literally wake up at 7am with only my make up to be done.  Damn, I almost made it.  I am amazed and amused by the power of my dreams. My Dream Doula and my Soul  both wanted me to be ready by the time I woke up at 7am. I strongly wanted me to be ready.  I believe I am almost there. If I had not lost focus on my goals, I would have made it. I feel as if I am on the verge of something big.

Throughout this whole dream, I felt rushed and driven to succeed. My question that I want to know is how do I get to where I strongly desire to be in a timely manner? What does my soul want me to know?  Is this dream telling me that I will be late for something and miss the mark or perhaps an opportunity?  This could play out, but my desire to succeed is very strong, so time will tell. I will be asking in my dreams tonight “What does my soul want me to know?”