Sharing Your Sacred Space With A Lover

IF YOU HAVE ANY SACRED SPACE STORIES, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THEM AS WELL AS MY BLOG READERS. WE ARE ALL HERE TO HELP EACHOTHER. At the end of this blog, I have quoted a very special prayer  by Marianne Williamson in her book “Illuminata”. This prayer will help you to heal your fear of intimacy, so that you can share your sacred space with a lover or future.. Read More

The Fine Art Of Answering Personal Ads

  This blog is about reading between the lines of someone’s personal ad. In this day and age where many single men and single women rely on the internet to search for their future soul mate, there are also many single men and women who use the internet as their own personal Pimp. I believe in different strokes for different folks; however, if you are seriously looking for a future soul mate, you.. Read More

23 Dating Tips For Meeting Through Online Personals

As a single gal out in the dating world, I have learned the ins and outs of dating through the personals. It does not matter whether the personal ad site is free or has a fee, these 23 dating tips will help you to see through anyone’s facade and help prevent you from getting cat fished or getting unnecessarily  hurt by “false advertising”. Dating Tip #1 if they say “Friends first” in their personal ad,.. Read More

We Are Beautiful Souls That Deserve To Be Loved

Our hearts are very fragile, and it can be difficult to get over and release a lost love, especially a first love,  whether we have been with him or her for a long time or even for a short time, . This is especially difficult if this person has broken up with us or even worse passed away. Even short term love connections can be difficult to release. Our fragile hearts go through.. Read More

The Journey Of A Sexy Single Gal Revised

Pink Chick Psychic

I have decided to share  part s of my childhood with you, so that you will understand the ever evolving love journey that I have been on, and so perhaps these little parts of me that I am sharing can help you to evolve and grow as well. My biological father disappeared (never to be seen or heard from again) when I was 2  years old and my brother was 6 months old.. Read More

Affirmations For Deep Love

I myself prefer to leave it up to the universe when it comes to loving relationships. I want whatever God wants for me, so the love affirmations I do for myself are more generalized; however, if you are someone who would like help in your relationship. the following affirmations are perfect for you. Repeat the one of your choice 1/2 to 1 hour a day over and over again 1/2 to 1 hour.. Read More

Are You A Free Spirit?

I AM A FREE SPIRIT AND PROUD OF MY UNIQUELY FREE HOT PINK PERSONALITY. According to the Dictionary, a free spirit is one who is not restrained, as by convention or obligation; a nonconformist. Unlike what many people think, free spirits lead very responsible lives. I know I do. A Free Spirit is someone who acts on there own feelings and intuition and doesn’t let outside sources influence there actions. A Free Spirit.. Read More

My Dream Last Night

I had a very interesting dream again last night, and I know that it might have had to do with this past relationship I was in that ended recently. One of my girlfriends helped me to do some dream interpretation on it, and she suggested that I was watching myself interact with a man from my past (not 10 years ago as the dream suggested).  Many times faces of the past are put.. Read More

Foreplay For Men

Get your love on today

This blog is for all women who want to spark the romance in her man.  In order to have a very sexy time with your man, you must first trigger his love, sex, erotic and romantic imagination. This is called Foreplay. Great foreplay leads to great sex. Foreplay is buying a sexy toy for him that is really for you, but you let him use it on you. Foreplay is when you watch.. Read More

Affirmation For Great Foreplay

Affirmations to stimulate your senses

  You can just call me the Affirmation Queen bcause I absolutely love the wonderful power of affirmations in relationshps.  I even have  a published book on affirmations for great love, great sex and great romance in and out of the bedroom called SEXY LOVE AFFIRMATIONS.  Affirmations work if you work them. I have the perfect foreplay affirmation for great magical foreplay between you and your partner.  Try it. You’ll love the results… Read More