Sharing My Sacred Space

I created my blog to share my heart and soul with you all and have you join me in my healing journey of self discovery. I am so excited. This evening, I had the most incredible session with Joanna Kennedy (The Center of Love and Happiness) in Colorado. She is a love, sex and relationship coach, and this was the 7th session I have had with her over the phone. She does a.. Read More

Past Lives & Lovers

I feel very strongly about the subject of past lives. I strongly believe that when we die we don’t really die.  Our souls go into another body, and we begin again. I believe we have many lessons to learn. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt of a past life which has strongly influenced this life and the karma I’ve had to experience from that lifetime.   I grew up in Westchester,.. Read More

I Got Over Being Harrassed And Bullied In School

This coming weekend, I am going to my 45th High School Reunion in Los Angeles. I went to Westchester High School in Los Angeles, and I graduated with the class of 1969. For all you young dudes and divas, that may sound like ancient times to you, but I consider myself to be a very young, fun and evolved chick with a hot pink personality. I am 63 years old. A lot has.. Read More

Sensual Pleasures

If you ask someone the meaning of sensuality, their meaning could be completely different from yours. I believe that all of existence is sensual. Being sensual is connecting to the spiritual part of your self-digging deeper and seeing what’s underneath the surface of YOU.  I believe within the very depths of my soul that I am sensual, and we all know that we become what we believe. Sensual could be the way you.. Read More

Two Exciting Articles About Twin Flames

I am excited to share a couple of really awesome articles that a friend sent to me about Twin Flames. I have always believed that we have more then one soul mate; however, there are those who share the belief of having only one soul mate in their life time. That belief I feel sabotages the belief of falling in love with another after having been in what they thought was their first.. Read More

Nudist Resort Or Nudist Colony?

  Ok you guys. Here is my pet peeve of the day. Many people make the mistake of calling nudist clubs “colonies”. We nudists do not like that term. We are not ants, and we certainly are not leppers. We are NORMAL human beings who enjoy a clothes free lifestyle and atmosphere. Please call  them nudist resorts or nudist clubs. I get so tired of people that claim to know about the nudist.. Read More

Your Divine Sexy Goddess Awakening

YOU KNOW you are a Divine Sexy Goddess because YOU FEEL within the very depths of your soul that you are beautiful, sensual and sexy, and you feel connected to your heart. It is a feeling inside of you that you cannot deny. You believe it and so you are. As a result you radiant with your Goddess energy as if you are a shining star. Others can’t help but see that inner.. Read More

Night Time Reflections Of A Very Pink Soul

  I am about to get my beauty sleep, but I didn’t want to go into deep slumber without wishing you all beautiful and peaceful dreams.  Before I fall asleep and dream away, I always ask  God a question before I go to sleep, and I ask HIM to show me the answer in my dreams and to show me my path. When I am sad, I remind myself of how grateful I.. Read More