I programmed my sleep and my dreams with Archangel Raphael. I asked him for healing of the blockages within me that prevent me from feeling like I am getting enough sleep. Lately, I have been waking up extremely tired  since I have been asking  Archangel Raphael to raise my vibration. I also asked that if there were any healing messages that I need to remember, then help me to remember them. Today, I woke up feeling more rested then I felt yesterday.


I am around a lot of people. There is a contest going on for some kind of accomplishment. Two winners are supposed to be chosen. I have information that I am the second winner. The powers that be decided that there would only be one winner; so I am disappointed.

I am in a room full of people, but all I want to do is sleep. There are people talking to me and asking me questions like do you live in a one or two bedroom condo?  I try sitting on the floor against the wall, and I close my eyes.

I get to the cruise ship terminal, and I am preparing to board a ship. All of a sudden I realize that I had forgotten my passport. I also realize that I had forgotten to pack. I tell the man at the cruise ship terminal that I am going home to pack, and then I will be back. It is 11am, and he says that the latest I can arrive is at five minutes to three.

I also have a hazy memory of a dream segment in which I was sponsoring someone.


Angel Number 1 means new beginnings to me. Angel  Number 2 means that Archangel Raphael is guiding me, and not to be disappointed in the progress I am making or not making.

Trying to sleep with a room full of people is difficult, but  I got the feeling that Archangel Raphael wanted me to be awake for the healing that is going on inside of me.

Angel  Number 11 is a karmic number associated with spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Angel Number 3 shows me that the Angels and Ascended Masters are trying to get my attention. Angel  Number 5 is showing me that the Angels are guiding me in making healthy life choices. I feel like the cruise in my dream is relating to my spiritual journey that I am being taken on through my dreams, and that I need to be prepared for what is ahead. The Passport for me represents the Passport in my spiritual journey. Not having what I need for the trip, they are telling me that I must be prepared for the spiritual journey that I am about to embark on. I have had a lot of enlightenment in my dreams in the last year.


I will be programming my dreams with Archangel Raphael tonight like I did last night.