Dear God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raziel. While I am sleeping and dreaming tonight, please work with me in releasing me and freeing me  from my past life vows of poverty, solitude, and celibacy, so that I can experience a higher wealth frequency for the purpose of achieving greater financial freedom and a higher  love frequency vibration. so that I can attract an emotional and  financially stable  exciting and well traveled new  soul mate to me for a long lasting relationship.  In my dreams tonight, please introduce me to my new fabulous soul mate, and help us in making a love connection with each other, so that when we meet in the physical world, we will know each other. Help me to remember the dreams and messages regarding the releasing of my past life vows and my  soul mate tonight. Thank you God, Archangel Michael And Archangel Raziel. I am grateful.


I bought a brand new sleep number bed, so I decided to sell my current sleep number bed. This woman decided that she wanted it, and so she bought it. There was a silhouette of a man standing in the background, but I could not see him clearly. I just knew he was there.


In real life, I do own a sleep number bed, which is one of the best investments I have ever made. To me, the meaning of this dream is very clear and has a couple of meanings. One interpretation for me is that my dream guides are working on freeing me from my past life vows of celibacy. Now I asked to be freed of my past life vows of celibacy, because I am not in a relationship right now, and I would like to be; so they are freeing me of  the state of being single. I am not looking for marriage; however, I am looking for a life partner. A connection between two souls involves  more then just the sexual aspect in order for me to have a successful relationship.  Intimacy is on all levels.  I did notice that I felt a bit protective of my sleep number bed that I was selling.  This dream is showing me that my dream guides   are working on my old outdated beliefs and are helping me to release past relationships, so someone new can come in.  Perhaps they are showing me that I am still holding on to past relationships. There is a man waiting for me to be ready for him. 

HOT DAMN! They are preparing me for a new loving and intimate connection with a new soul mate.  I AM READY! I am feeling pumped up and excited.