Last night, I concentrated on my nightly DREAM PROGRAMMING process with the help and guidance of  my Dream Doula, my Soul and my ANIMAL SPIRIT, a beautiful white horse named The Cloud. My DREAM PROGRAMMING process helps me to have 90% + DREAM RECALL.

My ultimate goal as a single woman is  to manifest a long term, committed, monogamous SOUL MATE RELATIONSHIP. In the last week, I have had two major passionate kissing dreams, so I know a SOUL MATE is on his way.  Over the many years that I have been single, I have manifested SOUL MATES and DREAM LOVERS in my DREAMS months before they manifested for me in the physical world. Not all SOUL MATE RELATIONSHIPS are permanent, but they end up being powerful LOVE-AT-FIRST-SITE SOUL CONNECTIONS that can last for a short time or for many years.  CLICK HERE to purchase my Kindle Ebook “The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams“. In my book, I teach people the  dream process that I have been doing for years to manifest SOUL MATE RELATIONSHIPS each and every time I am ready for love. In my ebook, it also shows you how to clear out your own emotional blockages to love.

I focused primarily on PROGRAMMING MY DREAMS for removing the “trapped” feelings I had in my marriage. I also asked for my chosen DREAM GUIDES to light my path to the perfect committed long term relationship for me with the perfect man (SOUL MATE) for me.

I was only 19 when I married my ex husband to get out of the house. From the moment I married him, my body, mind, soul and spirit went into SHOCK. I literally went numb. Everything tasted like straw, and I could not eat. I knew I had made a mistake. Within 6 months of our marriage, I came down with pnemonia, and I could not breathe. I ended up in the hospital for an extended period of time.  My ex husband did not abuse me or cheat on me, but I was not in love with him. The marriage lasted 1 year and 9 months. I have never remarried.  I am now 65 years old.


I have a sense that it could have been in the middle ages, because of the clothing worn in my dream. In my dream, there were pirates. We were made by the pirates to do a task, and they were not happy about how slow and unsuccessful the task was progressing, so one of these pirates pulled out a very long knife like sword letting us know that if we did not get the job done, I would be stabbed.  I feel like there were others with me, but I did not see them in the dream. We got the message to do it quickly. I feel like it had to do with hidden buried treasures that they wanted us to find or give to them. I woke up at 4am after seeing the knife, and I could not get back to sleep. I felt very uncomfortable, and my scalp was itching for no reason. It scared me. This dream brought a very important fear to the surface for me. I just had to draw the sword to help release it.

Now when I look at the picture I drew, it feels light like a balloon, and it is floating up up away into the sky.


When I first married my ex husband, I was terrified to fall asleep before he fell asleep; because I had a strong unfounded and  unexplained fear of being stabbed in my sleep.  I never shared it with him or anyone else for that matter. I did not understand it, and it took months before I was able to fall asleep with him. Even to this day, when I am in a relationship, I most often cannot sleep with my man there in my bed with me.  As I got older, I realized that this fear had to have come from a past life.  I was not thinking about it last night when I PROGRAMMED MY DREAMS.  It came out anyway for me to “see” it and to work on resolving it. Perhaps the pirates hijacked my feelings of being safe in this lifetime.  Maybe it is also time to dig out that hidden buried treasure buried so long ago.

The question I have for myself is WHAT ELSE IS HIDDEN?  IS THERE MORE FOR ME TO RELEASE? IS IT TIME TO DIG OUT THAT HIDDEN BURIED TREASURE?  I am going to continue on my DREAM JOURNEY  uncovering what needs to be uncovered. I am ready for my DREAM LOVER and SOUL MATE to manifest.


I believe that I can find hidden treasure buried within my soul many lifetimes ago. I will be doing  my dream programming tonight with the Pirates, The Freedom Fighters, to help me find the buried treasure to help me retrieve the parts of myself I lost.