Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel for their assistance in building my financial empire in whatever way they decide to guide me and direct me to financial freedom.  I also asked them to show me what was going on with this man, Michael, that I had been interested in over a year ago. He lives in another state. He never followed through with his offer to fly down and take me to dinner. I actually forgot about him; however, two nights ago, he astral traveled to me while I was asleep and took a shower in my shower. Ever since then, I have been feeling him thinking of me. In fact, he is thinking about me right now. I blogged about that Astral Travel experience. Click here to read my blog post about that Astral Travel experience.


True love was planted inside of me by a man who appeared in my dream. I could feel the soul and spirit of this man that had been planted  inside me, and this true love spirit was talking to me while inside of me. I could hear him.  All of a sudden the same man who planted true love inside my soul and spirit showed up with a team of men. He sat himself down on a bench a little distance from me, and I thought that was strange that he had distanced himself from me.  I wanted to call out to him, but I forgot his name. The other men in the group approached me. They brought a very large white truck, and they were attempting to attach it to my pink car to take it away from me. It felt as if they were going to take  my freedom and everything that I loved away from me. It was as if they were wanting to take me to jail.. I kept saying “But I did not do anything wrong”. They said “Yes you did. You did not come to us when we were talking to you”.  I kept telling them that I was talking to them from where I was standing. I was standing right next to a man peering out of a window. That was when I started to lucid dream. I told them “NO”. I took a gun, and I shot them all. Suddenly they realized they were wrong, and they all said they were sorry.


When I woke up from this dream, I felt strong. I feel like the team of men who came to me wanting to take my freedom and everything I loved away from me were my inner emotional fears. They also represented some of the men in my past . I have a strong fear of  my freedom and everything and everybody that I love (including money) being taken away from me. I have had this fear since childhood. It is as if my inner emotional fears and beliefs  are saying that I do not deserve to have happiness, love and financial freedom. The man who sat on the bench was true love, and he was waiting for me to be ready to be with him, but he is not strong enough to fight off my fears and beliefs. I took back my power when I shot them in my dream. Perhaps I did not remember his name, because I do not know him yet. Time will tell.


To continue on my dream journey from last night.