Soul Mate Dream


 I had the dream below on January 6, 2019. I have known for a long time that many of my dreams are precognitive dreams, and the precognitive dream below manifested itself on February 21, 2019. I went on a singles cruise February 16-23, 2019. I developed a small crush on a guy in our group, and we were hanging with each other a lot (usually in a group with others).I do not think that he even knew that I liked him until the following experience happened. Once it did, I did my best to avoid him (due to my embarrassment). 

On February 21, a group of us went to dinner together to a speciality restaurant, and unexpectedly there were 7 of us. Another woman showed up. This man and this woman were paying a lot of attention to each other, and I was caught off guard. It was buy one get one free, and the others coupled up for the buy one get one free. The woman refused to have him pay for her, and he did not offer to make me the free one. Please note that I was prepared to pay for myself;  however, I felt very left out. The other two guys felt bad, and one of them paid for me. I was actually quite humiliated, and quite embarrassed for myself. I do not think I have ever felt that humiliated and embarrassed in my life. This dream came to mind. It turned out to be a precognitive dream that happened 6 weeks later. Although I was upset at first, I am over it. I am glad I had the experience from the dream, so now I can move on to more pleasant opportunities  and dreams to make a soul connection with a man worthy of my love and devotion. Through my actions, I believe he figured out that I had a crush on him. 


I had the most shocking and surprising dreams last night.  I programmed my dreams with my dream guides (God,  Archangels Raphael and Michael) last night for some healing on some health issues and to help me move forward in a positive direction regarding my love life, so that I can meet and connect with the most amazing soul mate for me who will be for my soul’s highest and highest and best good for a permanent relationship. I also asked for help in lucid dreaming, so that I could purposefully work through any fears, etc. that would hinder me from getting into a relationship.


I woke up just after midnight with the following dream that felt incredibly real. I am at a gathering, and there is a person with very clear masculine/feminine energy in the room, and I noticed this person immediately. I wasn’t sure whether this person was male or female or a mixture of both. Suddenly,  I hear a  very loud and startling POP, and the masculine/feminine person and I run into this bedroom. He or she says “Did you feel that?”and I said yes, and then we held each other. It felt like love and two souls connecting. It felt  so real. The next thing I know is that we are back in the room filled with people. We are all sitting on the floor, and this person is across from me with a bottle of what I thought was orange juice. I said “Is that orange juice?”This person got startled and asked what I was doing there, and he or she backed off saying “I am interested in someone else”, and pointed to someone. I was shocked to say the least, and it woke me up. I am lying there awake thinking what was that! I heard a very loud female voice in my ear say “I am so sor….”. I knew she meant I’m sorry. It shocked me. I got up, and I wrote the dream down. I still feel upset and emotional. I must have astral traveled or something. Whoever this person was, we were brought together unexpectedly. I did feel a very strong connection between us.

I then went back to sleep. This person was in my dream again, and we were at a party. I noticed her/him from a distance. This person now  had a Jay Leno chin now and short dark hair. I am thinking male or female or transgender. I noticed that this person had two sisters and at least 4 children most of them having club feet. I interacted with the sisters, and I wanted so bad to tell them about my dream, but I decided against it. I asked one of the sisters if she would give me a ride home, because we live in the same area. She was hesitant, but I gave her $5, so she agreed. I couldn’t find my glasses for a minute.


OMG! I am shocked to say the least, and I am feeling quite emotional and very tired. All my negative thoughts and fears came up in my dreams last night, and I was lucid dreaming them.  I truly believe that I astral traveled to this soul connection, and it was unexpected for both of us.  I do not think he was ready for me , or perhaps it is not time yet for him to come into my life. Perhaps it was the WRONG guy.  I must have astral traveled to this masculine/feminine energy. The orange juice for me symbolizes healing for me. I am definitely confused, because of the he or she energy. My preference is men. I love all the wonderful assets that men have; however, how I am thinking that this person has a balance of both masculine and feminine energy, which is a really good thing. When this masculine/feminine energy told me he was interested in someone else, I woke up. It stunned me, and hearing spirit’s voice so loud and clear in my ear. I am not sure why spirit was sorry. Was spirit sorry, because he wasn’t ready for me? I definitely woke up, because I have a strong fear of rejection. There was definitely a lot of fear running through me in my dreams last night.

In the second dream, I was still confused about this person being male or female. He or she had a giant chin like Jay Leno with short dark hair. In my dream I thought perhaps transgender; however, now that I am awake, I am sensing a masculine feminine man like Jay Leno. I feel like who ever this soul connection is that he n has strength of character for sure.  I am not sure about the club feet and the two sisters. I know I am lucid dreaming, because I am trying to decide if I should tell them about my first dream. I opted to not say anything. I did not want to upset or shock them.

I saw the $5 bill so clearly and so up close. Angel number 5 is showing me that God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael are letting me know that they are working on my health and wellbeing. The Archangels are showing me that they are supporting me through my fears of rejection and abandonment when it comes to relationships. Number five in my dreams may also be a call to balance what is unbalanced in my life.

The popping sound reminds me of when I was doing creative visualization almost 16 years ago to create a new home in Florida. I was living in Southern California at the time. One day while doing my creative visualization, I felt and heard a very loud pop. I knew right then that I had manifested it, and not too long after, it proved to be true.  Yesterday, I decided to start doing creative visualization again to create the most amazing  soul mate for me who is for mm y soul’s highest and best good. Well last night, I heard and felt that pop, so perhaps I did manifest him; however, he might not be ready yet or I could have manifested the wrong guy. Usually when I have a soul connected dream, it takes about 3 months or so, and then I meet him. Time will tell. Now that it is evening, I have more clarity. My dream guides were showing me what my biggest fears are -rejection and abandonment. One of my biggest fears is this dream is a psychic premonition dream, and that I am going to meet a man that will tell me that he is interested in someone else.