Dream Coaching

Wow! What a powerful and amazing dream journey that I went on last night! I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel. I asked them to work with me while I am sleeping and dreaming in dissolving blockages, removing my wealth walls and guiding me in a more prosperous direction in my life in the most surprising ways that I will recognize. I also asked Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel to guide me to the right people, places and opportunities for expanding my business and  for promoting my Kindle ebooks in my dreams an also in my waking hours in the most surprising ways that I will recognize.

This last weekend, I had an amazing experience with Archangel Raphael after programming my dreams for guiding me in the direction that I need to go for my business and my kindle ebooks while asleep and awake.  I woke up in the morning, checked my website states and realized that  I was getting a number of hits from yourtango.com. I was briefly a member a few years ago and had written some articles for the site. It crossed my mind that I should revisit yourtango.com and consider rejoining. I then went out to lunch with a group of friends. Mind you, I have known these friends for quite awhile. The mother started telling me how excited she was that her daughter had just published a book. She talked about her daughter’s Media company as well. It turned that her daughter owns yourtango.com. I was blown away, because that was a major sign from Archangel Raphael that I needed to rejoin yourtango.com. I have since rejoined, and I have written some great articles.


I dreamed that I was doing a lot of writing. I knocked on some antique looking heavy wood double door, and I walked into the Governor’s home. He let me in. Even though he wondered what I was doing there, he let me stay and write.  I eventually decided to leave, because I felt embarrassed that I was not invited.

Next,  I went to a Senator’s house.  He also let me in, and I start writing and reviewing my writing.  I was also reading something about Cupid.  The dark haired senator was very curious about what I was writing, and he was kind of lurking around. He was very hospitable. He offered me something to eat, but I did not take the food.  I felt embarrassed to be there, since I was an uninvited guest. I decided that it was time to leave. My keys were somewhere in my purse, but there was so much stuff in my purse that I could not get to the keys. My purse was literally filled to the brim. Embarrassed, I dumped everything out of my purse  to get to my keys. Yeah, I found them.

The next thing I know, I am in this woman’s house. She allowed me to sleep in her bed. The bed was filled with stuff, and the bedspread was shiny. I asked her if I should sleep with the stuff on the bed or take it off. She said to take the stuff of the bed, but to sleep on top of the bedspread. I then asked what her name was, and she said “I am Rhonda From Above”.


While in the dream, I was embarrassed. I woke up very curious as to who Rhonda From Above was.


The keys were important in this dream. They were there in my purse, but at first they were inaccessible, because of how much stuff I had in my purse. I dumped the stuff out of my purse, and the keys were right there.  My purse represents prosperity, and the stuff in my purse represents wealth blockages. I dumped the wealth blockages. I felt embarrassed in the dream, because in my life I feel that I should be further along financially. I have great expectations of myself.  The Governor and the Senator, for me, represent the important connections that I asked for in my dream programming. I finally got to where I could access my keys. so to me that means that I have the keys to unlock the door to greater success and prosperity if I wish to use them. Writing represents my kindle ebooks, and Cupid represents that my kindle ebooks are all about love. Knocking on the door, means knocking on the door to success and opportunities. The problem is that I am STILL not feeling worthy, because I did not accept the food and kindness that was offered me. I truly believe that Rhonda From Above is an Angel sent to me  in my dreams (representing the bed). She took  the stuff of the bed, so I could sleep comfortably, meant removing blockages and obstacles The covers were shiny, and she asked me to sleep on top of the bedspread, meaning no more hiding.


I am being shown that I still don’t feel worthy of what I desire in life; however, the opportunities are right there for me to access.


How can I change my lack of worthiness in my dreams tonight and in real life?


To program my dreams tonight with Rhonda From Above (my angel), Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel to help me to experience feeling worthy and to accept the gifts that are given to me by the Angels and the Universe.


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