I programmed my dreams last night with my Dream Doula and Archangel Raphael for experiencing deep healing and restorative sleep. I also asked my Dream Doula and Archangel Raphael to work with me while I am sleeping & dreaming and while I am awake in making a paradigm shift, from the  core belief that I don’t  deserve love to the core belief that I do deserve love. I also asked my chosen dream guides for last night for help  in manifesting and  in maintaining the perfect sexy juicy long term, healthy, committed  relationship for me with the perfect sexy juicy soul mate for me. Marriage is not on my “to do” list, but a long term relationship is.


I am with a big group of people at the clothing optional club where I live (Caliente Resort & Spa). The manager is at the front of the group.  It is my birthday, and they just finished singing happy birthday to someone else. This very tall glowing  man stands up. He is going to be representing me and announcing that it is my birthday. He starts saying some  stuff that did not understand. Before he can announce that it is my birthday, she cuts him off and tells him to sit down. She calls me to the front of the group, and she starts speaking and reading from a book in Hebrew. I find myself attempting to wrap my naked body in a very large gray shawl or sheet around my shoulders.

In another part of the dream, I am working in this job where there seems to be a lot of paperwork. I felt in the dream that I was not good enough for the job, and I was afraid that they would notice. Instead they gave me more paperwork, and they seemed to be quite happy with me. I told them that I did not want to work 40 hours anymore.


When I first woke up, I thought that this dream had nothing to do with what I programmed my dreams for.  It took me about an hour of being awake to realize that this was a very powerful and profound dream for me, and that it had EVERYTHING to do with what I programmed my dreams for. I now realize that in this dream the manager was saying prayers to me in Hebrew, and I was being blessed and healed in Hebrew. I am Jewish, but not religious. I am, however, blown away by this dream. I do not remember any of the Hebrew words.

I was trying to put the gray shawl or sheet around my body, because I experienced a lot of body shame  from childhood on. Sheets represent love and passion. Discovering the nudist lifestyle at the age of 25 was a profoundly healing way to heal my body shame, but there are still remnants of that body shame hiding in the inner core of my belief system. The Hebrew prayers were healing me of those core beliefs of not feeling deserving of love.

Being that it was my birthday in the dream, means that I am celebrating change for myself. The man who was to announce my birthday was told to sit down for not making sense of what he was saying.  Perhaps my dream guides are praying for us or perhaps they want me to move on. I don’t know, because I am sad and confused.  He glowed in the dream, because we have a very strong spiritual and sexual connection. I believe that he is a soul mate connection. Perhaps I will have made some really profound changes for myself by my birthday in April. I asked my Dream Doula and Archangel Raphael to help me make a paradigm shift, so that I can feel more deserving of love and to help me manifest and maintain the perfect sexy juicy soul mate relationship for me.

In the part of the dream where I did not feel good enough in a job, I realize that those feelings of not being good enough or worthy enough is just my perception (not anyone else’s). This part of the dream has to do with being balanced in body, mind, soul and spirit, so that I don’t have those beliefs anymore.

I believe within the depths of my soul that my chosen dream guides for last night have started that process for me for making a paradigm shift, and that they are guiding me to that perfect sexy soul mate for me. I am excited and grateful to my Dream Doula and Archangel Raphael.

I am a sexy juicy feminine spirit, and I deserve to be with the divinely sexy juicy soul mate of my dreams.